Jack’s Plan Chapter 3

Story written by abdl5622.

I dashed over to my mirror to look at myself.

They don’t even look that bad. Then the inevitable hit me as a snapped back to reality. Wait Jack… get a grip. You are twelve years old. The only reason why you are doing this in the first place is mom.

Now that I was refocused on my task, I opened up my laptop to jot down the events of today. Maybe I should start writing a diary. That way I will be able to compare days against each other to see which one works best. Okay, now where to start…Today, my plans finally worked. I have acquired Goodnites and as a result it seems that I am getting to spend more time with mom. The Goodnites feel fairly good as well. I would not mind wearing these more often. I saved the file and the began to browse the web, still enjoying the soft padding at my rear.

Soon, I began to get tired and decided to close my computer and climb into bed.

I shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I awake with a jolt from my brain and an aching pain in my bladder. Gotta pee… I thought as I sprung out of bed, only to be reminded of the padding between my legs. Oh right, the Goodnites… I mean they are meant to be used and mom might not get them for me anymore if I don’t…

I slowly crept over to the mirror. I was still thinking about my options. Jack, your sister is okay with it. She is even reluctant to give up her diapers. Also, mom is expecting you to wet them. You would not want to disappoint her.

My heart was racing, my bladder signaled that it was time to make up my mind.

Okay, I should at least try it. If it is awful, I will just have to find a different way to gain mom’s attention and if I don’t I will always wonder what would have happened if I did.

My heart was still pounding, as I stood in front of the mirror in nothing but a Goodnite and a T-Shirt.

Time to see if my sister was right in wanting to keep her diapers.

I let out a deep sigh and slowly began to relax my bladder. A wave of relief came over me as a warm stream began to start. I watched in the mirror as the front of my Goodnite began to swell. I could feel the warm urine flow down to the seat of my Goodnite. I stared at the mirror watching as the white padding slowly began to darken. It felt odd, standing in front of a mirror in my room while emptying my bladder. Soon the stream stopped.

Ahhhh…. much better. Wow, the Goodnite feels heavy. I pocked at the sagging padding with a squish,. I should probably get back to bed. I thought as I began to walk back to my bed. The Goodnite felt much thicker now and squished with each step. I placed my hand on the front to feel the warmth inside. It actually felt good. It was warm and inviting. I opened up my laptop to write about it in my journal.

Tonight, I experienced my first wet Goodnite. It held up better than I would have thought. The warm, moist padding was very comfortable. I could get use to this. I saved my journal and began to walk back to my bed. I climb back into bed with a slosh and drifted back to sleep.

“Jack, Jack, breakfast is ready”

I cracked open my eyes and shivered from what felt like a wet rag between my legs.

Brrrr, why does it feel like… right the Goodnite. This is not nearly as comfortable as it was last night. I best get out of it. I thought as I pealed off the Goodnite and hopped in the warm shower.

Back to plain old underwear I guess. I opened up my computer and recorded my thoughts.

I finished getting dressed and made my way toward the kitchen.

“Good morning Jack, did you sleep well?”

“I did, better than normal in fact”

“That’s good to hear”

“How well did your um… new underwear work?” she whispered.

“Dry sheets”

“Good, and how are you handling the situation?”

“I’m doing okay”

“Thanks for being so good about this” she said as she wrapped her arms around me.

Story written by abdl5622.

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