Jack’s Plan Chapter 6

Story written by abdl5622.

A familiar feeling from my bladder told me that it was time to test out the new diapers. So, I walked up to the mirror. This looks very different from the Goodnite and even my sister’s Pampers. It is lacking the picture on the front. It also just looks and feels thicker. I thought as I poked the smooth plastic outer shell. I really do look like a baby. Then another signal came from my bladder. Well now to see if what mom said was true. I relaxed my bladder and could feel the warmth start to spread. However, instead of spreading to my rear, it stayed in my crotch area. I then noticed two yellow lines appear. Soon, I was finished. Wow, this is became a lot thicker, I thought as I poked at the warm squishy crotch.

Knock, Knock. “Jack can I come in?” my mother asked.

My heart skipped a few beets as I froze in place and just I stood there in a wet diaper.

Crap, crap, crap, if she sees that I am wet she will know that I was lying when I said I didn’t have to go. I took a deep breathe. Calm down Jack. Just hide under the covers. I thought as I jumped into my bed.

“Sure” I replied as I jumped back from the mirror.

“Firstly, you left your pajama bottoms in my room. You probably don’t need them anyway considering how hot it is”

I guess I was too wrapped up in the new experience.

“You’re probably right. Also, I forgot to ask, what time are we leaving tomorrow?”

“That is what I wanted to talk to you about. Unfortunately, I am going to have to postpone our little trip. Something came up for work and I need to be at home to take care of it. I am sorry”

Oh well, can’t win every time.

“It’s okay, we will just do it another day” I replied cheerfully.

“Thanks for understanding. One more thing”


“My good friend has a son that is experiencing similar problems to your own. Then one thing led to another and she invited you over to play with him tomorrow”

Wait what? I guess I am not the only one who had this idea. I wonder if he is like me? Also, why would she invite me over? I haven’t even met her.


“Yes, he is a little older than you, but I am sure you two would get along. So, what do you think?”

We probably would considering our similarities. It would be nice to have someone other than my sister to play with and I don’t really have anything better to do. So, why not.

“Sounds like fun”

“Excellent, I will drop you off tomorrow morning” she replied as she got up off my bed.

“Okay, mom”

“Night Jack” she said as she flipped off the light switch.

Oh good, she is gone. I thought as my heart rate dropped back to a normal level.

“Night mom” I replied as she turned off the lights and shut the door.

Finally, someone I can talk to about all of this. I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

“Jack wake up, it’s almost time for me to take you over”

I creaked open my eyes, but was not greeted by the warm sunshine, rather by the dull gray clouds and the depressing rain. I hate the rain. It spoils what could have been a nice day. Then with a thump I jumped out of bed and felt the immense weight between my legs. I looked into the mirror to see how the diaper held up. Wow, other than being a bit bulky, it held everything nicely. But, I think a fresh Goodnite would feel much nicer than this clammy thing. A shower would also probably be nice.

With that, I walked into the bathroom and ripped the tapes off. I used the bathroom and showered off. Now for the Goodnite. I wonder if he also wears Goodnites or maybe something else? I thought as I grabbed one from the package and slipped it on.

I threw on a pair of shorts and walked downstairs.

Well today is the day. I wonder if he will like me? I thought as my excitement turned to fear.

“I will be in the car” my mom said as she went to get the car started.

I grabbed my raincoat and got in. The entire time I was nervously thinking about if we would get along and what would he be like. In my nervousness, the front of my Goodnite became slightly damp. Which caused another thought to cross my mind. I didn’t bring any spares.. I guess I will just have to make this one last. The car stopped and we both got out.

Ding dong. John’s mom answered the door.

“Mary” John’s mom said as she hugged my mom.

“Amanda, it has been too long since we have seen each other. Unfortunately, I have some work I have to attend to” my mom said as she waved goodbye and left.

I was still sort of speechless and terrified when John’s mom said “You must be Jack. I have heard a lot about you. Don’t be a stranger. Come in out of the rain. I will take your coat”

I stepped inside and handed my coat to her and noticed who I presumed was John.

“I will let you guys get to know each other. Lunch will be ready at one” she said as she left.

I walked up to greet him and noticed the bulge of a diaper. I guess he wears something other than Goodnites. Questions for a later point in time.

I held out my hand and said “Hi, my name is Jack. It is nice to meet you”

“Likewise, and my name is John” he replied as he shook my hand.

Story written by abdl5622.

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