Jody’s New Job Chapter 9

Story written by neverdry.

Kim knew she needed to handle this very carefully. She didn’t want Jody to think she was even, remotely mad at her. Kim bent down and put her hand under Jody’s chin. She gently lifted Jody’s head up. “That’s it? That’s nothing to cry about honey. Come on.  I will have you fixed up and have you back out watching Dora in no time.”

Jody’s brain did not know how to handle what Kim was saying. She was already confused about what she had done.  She was ready for someone to be mad, very mad. She had just done the worse thing she could think of. The most babyish thing.

Kim place her right  arm by Jody’s legs  and place her left arm behind Jody’s neck. She slowly and gently picked Jody up. “It’s okay Jody. Please stop crying.” Kim said, as she carried Jody towards her bedroom.

Susan got out of her chair and followed behind. Kim placed Jody on the floor. Jody stood crying her eye’s out. “Shh. It’s okay sweetie. This is not a big deal.” Kim took Jody’s dress from the bottom and slowly pulled it off. “I’m just going to put you up here. It’s nothing to cry about honey. Everything is okay.” Kim picked Jody up and laid her on the change table. “Please honey it’s okay. Don’t cry.”

Susan came into the bedroom and walked up to Jody. She placed her hand on Jody’s forehead. “It’s okay honey. Mommy will get you all fixed up. You’re being a very good girl.” Susan kept up taking to Jody. Telling her she was good. Kim went to the closet to get the changing supplies. A diaper could wait until tonight. Another pull-up would be better for Jody at this point.

Kim returned with the baby wipes and another pull-up. Working as a nurse in a hospital before meeting Susan, this was nothing for her. She had dealt with a lot worse. Susan kept talking to Jody as Kim tore the sides of Jody’s wet and messy pull-up.

Jody was still crying, but she had opened her eyes and was looking at  Dr. Wells, who was only a few inches away from her face.  “That’s why Kim put you in training pants honey. This is much better then using that big scary potty. That big scary potty could have used it’s teeth on you.  Just relax. Mommy will get you all cleaned up. Mommas here.”

Jody did nothing but listen to Dr. Wells. Even in the state she was in, she was taking in and  understood everything she was saying. She even nodded a few times when Dr. Wells mentioned the potty. Jody started to relax. She had almost stop crying.

Kim took Jody by the ankles and slowly lifted her messy bottom off the pull-up. Gently she cleaned Jody’s bum with baby wipes. It did not take her long to have Jody all clean. She pulled the messy pull-up out from under Jody and rolled it up. Quickly she had the new pull-up over Jody’s feet. She took her by the ankles once more, pulling it up over her waist. The whole process did not take long at all. Kim knew after this, that there would be a lot  more diaper changes that she would be doing. She could take her time and have fun with little Jody later.

Kim took the rolled up dirty pull-up and Susan helped Jody down on the floor. Jody stood in her new clean pull-up. Susan decided to give Jody a little break. Thinking if she put on some clothes of her own, it might make her feel a little better.  “Why don’t you go find some clothes in your suitcase to put on. They are still out in the kitchen.” Susan said, waiting to see how Jody was going to proceed after just having her messy pull-up changed.

Jody couldn’t think straight. She had just went from poopie pull-up to clean pull-up in less then five minutes. Dr. Wells and Kim had gone about this, like it was nothing. No big deal. Jody looked down at her pull-up. It was a big deal. She was 22 and was just changed, like she was a baby. Dr. Wells was upset with her yesterday after she had wet her pants. Now, after she had done the most infantile thing, she seemed almost happy. Why? Jody could not make sense of it.

Susan bent down seeing that Jody was not moving. “Honey it’s okay. No one is mad. I know you have had problems before. You told me yesterday. Just think. You don’t have to worry about using that big scary potty. Kim and I don’t mind helping you. It’s okay if we help you.”

Jody looked up at Dr. Wells. She stuck out her hand and Dr. Wells took it. She had no words. What could she say?

“I can help you find some clothes.” Dr. Wells said, as her and Jody walked out to the kitchen.

Kim was holding a plastic bag with Jody’s messy pull-up in it when Jody and Susan got to the kitchen. “Just going to toss this in the trash outside.”

Susan led Jody over to her suitcases.  One was still open from yesterday. Susan knelt down and pulled out a pair of jeans. “These be okay?”

Jody just nodded. She felt embarrassed about her actions. Her thoughts were going crazy. Thoughts of the big scary  potty. Thoughts of what Dr. Wells had said to her while she was getting changed. Dr. Wells held out her jeans. Jody stepped into the legs and they were pulled up over her training pants. Dr. Wells pulled out a black t-shirt. Jody lifted her arms and Dr. Wells pulled the t-shirt over her head.  Jody stood fully dressed and felt a little bit better. Her pull-up stuck out of the top of her jeans.

Susan was going to suggest that they put Jody’s clothes away, but she figured this would be the last outfit of Jody’s, she would be wearing. So instead, Susan took Jody’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go relax and finish watching Dora.”

Jody and Susan went to the family room. Susan sat on the couch first and pulled Jody up beside her. Susan picked up the plastic cup and held it up to Jody’s mouth. “Just a little drink honey. I’m sure you must be  thirsty.”

Jody let Dr. Wells hold the cup and she took a drink. She was thirsty after all the crying she had done and the orange juice hit the spot.  Susan turned the DVD of Dora on and started it from the beginning. Jody did not want to think about all that had happened, so she focused on watching Dora. Watching a kids cartoon was better then thinking about the scary potty or her messy pants.

Susan kept giving her drinks of orange juice. Jody was not sure how many different episodes of Dora they had watched, before Kim came in and said, “Lunch is ready.”

Susan took Jody by the hand and they walked out to the kitchen. Susan let Jody climb up on her chair. A different pink cup was sitting in front of Jody. Kim brought over a plate with grilled cheese on it. In her other hand was a pink bib. It had a picture of Barbie on the front. Kim set the plate down and then placed the bib around Jody.

Jody did not say a word about the bib. After spilling syrup on the one she wore this morning, what could she say. She was scared it might happen again.  She would just have to prove she didn’t  need one, by not spilling.

“I hope you like grilled cheese.” Kim said.

Jody hadn’t  said a word since her accident. She cleared her throat. “I do. Do you have ketchup?”

“We sure do. I will be right back.” Kim walked to the fridge and retrieved the ketchup. She set the bottle on the table. Jody picked up the bottle of ketchup and squeezed some out on her plate. She picked up the pink cup and looked inside. Chocolate milk. She took a drink and then went  about eating her grilled cheese.
Susan and Kim enjoyed their salads that Kim had put together. Again, the two women watched little Jody eat.

“Jody don’t look so sad. After we are done eating, would you like to go for a walk?” Kim asked.

Jody finished the food in her mouth. She was feeling a little depressed after what had happened. “I..I..guess.”

Jody drank her chocolate milk and very much enjoyed it. Jody  finished her grilled cheese well before Dr. Wells and Kim finished their salads. She looked down at her pink bib. It was clean. She sat on her knees on the chair and started to feel a little sleepy. Jody placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hands. Her eye lids wanted to close badly.  Jody was struggling  to keep them open.

“Looks like you need to take a little nap honey.” Dr. Wells said.

Susan stood and helped Jody down from her chair. “Would you like to take a little nap?. We can go for a walk after.”

Jody didn’t think she should need a nap, but she was feeling very tried. A little sleep might just be a good thing. “Okay.” she said, letting Dr. Wells remove her bib. Dr. Wells scooped Jody up, sitting her on her hip and walked into the bedroom. Jody rested her head on Dr. Wells shoulder losing the battle to keep her eyes open.

Susan placed Jody on the bed after pulling the covers back. She laid Jody down. “Let’s get you out of those pants.” Susan popped the button on Jody’s jeans and pulled down the zipper. Jody could not keep her eyes open. She tried very hard, but she lost the battle. Susan pulled Jody’s jeans off, leaving her in her training pants and t-shirt.  Susan could tell, Jody was pretty well out. She placed her hand on Jody’s pull-up and checked for wetness. Knowing there was a very slim chance of her being wet, she just had to check.  Just for the fun of it.  “Have a good nap sweetie.” Susan said, as she pulled the covers up. Jody was out like a light.

Susan returned to the kitchen and sat down beside Kim. “I guess I may have put  too much in the chocolate milk.” Susan said, laughing.

“I thought she was going to fall off the chair.” Kim replied, laughing along with Susan. “I never asked you. What you have been giving her. You just said, you would look after it,  but I have to know.”

“Well my love. I was going to tell you, but I was not sure how it was all going to work out.  I found out about a study a couple weeks ago. The study was dealing with people that have fears. Fears like spiders or heights. They found that some of the medication they were giving these people, when they mixed them, made the person more fearful. In some tests they figure 30 to 40 times more fearful.”

“That’s why she is so scared of the toilet!” Kim said, more of a statement then a question.

“Yes and needles. I think little Jody wet her training pants a little when she saw the needle that I was giving her earlier. ”

“I asked her if she was okay when you guys got back up here. She said she was fine. I guess I should have checked.”

“I don’t think she even realized it. Anyway,  I put the mixture in the those water bottles with the black mark on them and the orange juice.”

“What about the chocolate milk?”

“That just has a sedative in it.  Afternoon naps are going to be sure thing for a while. One glass of that milk and she will be out. Once she gets use to napping after lunch, we should be able to stop with the sedative.” Susan chuckled.  “I think she will be out for a few hours. Let’s  just give her about a hour to sleep. Waking her up when she is still out of it, should be some nice cuddle time for us.” Susan chuckled again.

Kim looked just a little perplexed. “That explains her fear of the toilet. She must have dreamt last night about it. She told me it had teeth this morning.”

“I know. She said the same thing to me. I believe her fear  has got her mind racing, making up things, so that her fear is justified. I’m sure her 22 year old mind is fighting with itself. She has so much fear,  that she would rather mess herself, then use the potty. I have to say,  I really didn’t  think it would happen this fast, but as you can see, it has.”

“It sure has. I think we handled that pretty good. Jody’s messy diaper.” Kim said, taking Susan’s hand into hers.

“I hope so. Her fear of the potty and us telling her that using her pull-up is no big deal. I think she will start using her training pants, soon diapers, with out even giving it a second thought.” Susan said, placing her other hand on top of Kim’s.

“So do you think we can use this heightened fear for other things? Kim asked.

“I believe we can. A lot of other things. For starters, you know that highchair we almost bought?”


“I  think,  if Jody happened to fall off her chair, she would be quite fearful of doing it again. I don’t want to see her get hurt, but wth the medication, that fear would be very, very high. I don’t think it would take much for us to get into a highchair.” Susan stopped for a second. “Think about her bib. I think she was scared of spilling on her dress this morning. It did not take much to get her to wear it. What 22 year old would submit to wearing a bib with Dora on it?” Susan answered her own question. “I guess one that had no real problem with wearing  training pants” Susan snickered.

Kim laughed again. “You’re right. I couldn’t  believe I got those washable training pants on her yesterday. It all makes sense now. She was really worried you would find out about her wet bed this morning. I had to promise not to tell you.”

“I believe you could use that tonight and get into those cute diapers.” Susan said with a huge smile.

Story written by neverdry.

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