DC Idyl

DC Idyl

The DC Idyl is a BRAND NEW adult baby diaper being released by Diaper Connoisseur and aimed  towards the boy audience. Listed below are some of the main features that users have come to know and love about the DC brand including:

-very high capacity

-super soft top-sheet (interior surface) and padding

-strong outer film that resists tears

-and detailed print!

Along with these amazing features, the new DC Idyl will include new features that allow for a better fit for boys. These new features include:

-increased absorbency in the frontal area

-wider 3M tapes for a better hold

The new DC Idyl print features a rich blue plastic backing with clouds, stars, spaceships, bears, airplanes, and balloons! This new print is sure to make you feel like a kid again!

Size Medium fits waists 32″-44″

Size Large fits waists 40″-55″

This new diaper can be find at diaperconn.com and wearingclouds.com

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