Lucky Chapter 2

Story written by neverdry.

“I do have a couple questions dear. When I talked to your Mom last week, I thought she said you girls were, 15 and 18. I’m guessing, you’re 18?”

Sarah smiled. “Yes Miss Henry I’m 18, but Taylor is only 11.” Sarah took a deep breath. “I think Mom might have been so frustrated  with Taylor, that she might have told you a wrong age. I’m partly to blame for that.”

Miss Henry looked at the first page again, then back at Sarah. “I don’t understand dear. Why would you be to blame?”

Sarah moved closer to the edge of the couch. Her couple of years in drama were hopefully going to pay off. “Well Miss Henry, about a month ago, I was talking to Mom about getting my drivers license. You see, I have not really needed one living in the city, but I figured that maybe, before i go to college I should get one. I happen to say with Taylor sitting right there, that I’m 18 and a adult, I think I should get it. Ever since that day, every time Mom tries to get Taylor to do something, she starts yelling. I’m 18 I don’t want to do this or that. One week she 20 the next she 18 or 15. I’m sure, Mom most likely just went through one of Taylor’s little episodes before she had spoken to you on the phone.”

Miss Henry shook her head. “I have dealt with a lot of children over my 30 year career as a nanny, I have never heard of such a thing.”

“I’m sorry Miss Henry. I know Mom as been very stressed about it all. It has been very hard on Mom this past year, ever since she married Alex and her and Taylor moved in.”

Miss Henry stood from her chair and walked the few steps towards Sarah. She sat down beside her. “Dear, you do not need to be sorry for what you said. There was not a thing wrong with thinking you should get your license.” Miss Henry put her hand on Sarah’s knee. “From what I just read, I believe your Mother should have called me sooner.”

Sarah looking down at Miss Henry’s hand, not believing the size of it. She felt small, sitting beside her. “Thank you Miss Henry. My Mom said the same thing, but I just felt bad for her. It’s hard on everyone, when Taylor acts out. I try not to get involved. I just try and be a  good big sister to Taylor.”

Miss Henry patted Sarah’s knee. “Dear you are not to worry about anything. I have a feeling that your Mother called our company for a reason.”

Sarah grinned, still looking down at Miss Henry’s huge hand. “Miss Henry I really should empty the dishwasher and get some breakfast.”

Miss Henry stood up. “Show me the way dear. I will get you some breakfast.”

Sarah stood beside Miss Henry looking up at her. “Thank you Miss Henry.” Sarah started walking towards the kitchen. She had the biggest smile. Her performance had gone really well she thought.

Once they arrived in the kitchen, Sarah opened the dishwasher. Miss Henry stood beside her. “Why don’t you show me where things are dear.” Miss Henry said.

“Okay Miss Henry.” First taking out the three things she had put in there earlier. Taking three sippy cups and setting them on the counter. One pink, the other two purple. “I will need to fill these and put them in the fridge for Taylor. Mom makes her drink as much as she can. She had to take Taylor  to the hospital twice, in the past couple of months because Taylor got dehydrated.”

Miss Henry looked at the sippy cups. “Oh dear, that’s not a good thing.”

“No it was not. I know she may be a little old for these types of cups. Mom tried regular cups and Taylor would just end up spilling them. She thinks if she does not drink anything, she will not  have the problems that she does, but it does not seem to matter one way or the other.”

Miss Henry nodded her head.

Sarah went about showing Miss Henry where everything was located in the kitchen, putting away the clean dishes in the process. She got herself some breakfast and the two sat at the kitchen table.

Sarah finished up her cereal and put the bowl in the dishwasher. She then went to the fridge and took out  a jug of apple juice. She filled the three sippy cups up and tightened the lids. Sarah placed the jug and three sippy cups in the fridge. “Miss Henry,  I almost forgot.” Opening a cupboard door, Sarah pulled out a envelope. “Mom left you some money for food or anything else we may need. She said, just to put the receipts in here.” Sarah handed Miss Henry the envelope. “Ohh and I put a receipt in there already. Mom had me pick up some things for Taylor yesterday.”

Miss Henry opened the envelope and pulled out the money with the lone receipt. She read the receipt. “That’s fine dear.”

“I only picked up a few for Taylor. Mom said more would be delivered Monday or Tuesday. I should show you to your room and give you a tour of the upstairs.”

“That would be great dear.”

Sarah wanted to pick up Miss Henry’s suitcase, but she did not figure she would be able to get it up the stairs. So she let Miss Henry pick it up and  with ease Miss Henry followed Sarah up the stairs.

Sarah took Miss Henry to her bedroom first which was separated by a bathroom that lead into Taylor’s room. Miss Henry set her suitcase down and followed Sarah into the a joining bathroom.

“This bathroom is the one Taylor uses.” Sarah chuckled. “Well, she uses the tub and sink anyway.”

Miss Henry smiled and looked around. Sarah had placed a couple yellow rubber ducks on the side of the tub, right beside a bottle of Johnston’s Baby Shampoo. Sarah let Miss Henry look around for a few seconds, then walked into Taylor’s bedroom.

“I should show you where everything is.”

“That would be helpful dear.”

Sarah first went to Taylor’s one and only dresser. She pulled the top door open. “This is where her night time supplies are.” Sarah closed that door and open the next one down. “These are for daytime. She does not have many left. I sure Mom sent a few with her for her  sleepover.” Sarah pick up a pair of white plastic pants that were lined with very thick cloth. “Mom just got these the other day. I don’t think she has used them yet. She thought it would be less expensive then buying the disposable kind.”

Miss Henry reached out and took the plastic pants  from Sarah.  She pulled the top elastic and stretch it a few times. “Much better for the environment also.” Miss Henry placed them back in the dresser.

Sarah smiled wide. “Yes. That is very true.” Sarah turned and pulled the bed sheets up, showing Miss Henry the plastic cover. “Just in case.” Sarah said, then placed the covers back. Sarah walked to the closet.  She opened the doors all the way. A sea of pastel colors filled the closet. Mostly all dresses. A few pair of shorts were folded and placed on a rack above. Sarah had spent most of yesterday,  going through all her old clothes. Luckily her Mother had  never gave them away. It had taken her a while to find the sizes that would fit Taylor but she know it would be worth it. Sarah bent down and pulled out a pink diaper bag with white bunnies on it. “Just in case you decide to take Taylor out for more then a couple hours.”

“Very good dear.” Miss Henry said, back  looking at the clothes hanging in the closest.

Closing the doors Sarah said, “I think that should about do it. Unless you think I may be forgetting something?”

Miss Henry looked around. “No dear. I think that about covers it. I’m sure if I need something I will be able to find it.”

Sarah looked around.  ‘She knew that  she will never find any  of Taylor’s underwear. That’s for sure.’ Sarah thought and a grin swept across her face. “I have a little work to do in my bedroom. If thats okay?”

“That’s fine dear. Come down at noon, for some lunch.” Miss Henry said, before going back towards her bedroom.

Sarah skipped the whole way to her bedroom. She was so excited at how everything had gone so far. ‘I should be up for an Oscar, with the performance I just put on’ she thought. Sarah flopped down on her bed and pulled out her iPhone.

Becky:How did it go last night?

A few minutes later Sarah’s phone beeped.

:Everything was good.

Becky:Call me at 1, let it ring twice and hang up.

:Will do.

Sarah placed her phone on her side table and smiled. She started to giggle, thinking of what was in store for the little princess.

Sarah went down to the kitchen at noon. Miss Henry had made soup and sandwiches for lunch. Sarah thanked Miss Henry for lunch and placed her dishes in the dishwasher. She looked at the clock on the stove 12:53. “I should call and see how Taylor is making out. Mrs. Durham as had her many times, but sometimes she can be a handful.”

“That would be fine dear. I will just clean up.”

Sarah’s phone went off and she pulled it out of her front pocket. “This is Mrs. Durham now.” she said, waiting for the second ring to end. She made it look like she pressed a button on the phone and held it to her ear.

“Hello…..Yes Mrs Durham I was just about to call you. How is everything going?……..Oh no, really?……I’m sorry about that Mrs Durham…….No, I know but, it makes a lot of work for you……I know you have done it before but…….She’s down for a nap now?……So five is still okay to pick her up or would you like me to come earlier?……Okay, thank you Mrs Durham. See you at five.”  Sarah placed her phone back into her front pocket, shaking her head the whole time.

“Is everything alright dear?” Miss Henry asked.

“Well, I guess so. Mrs. Durham said Taylor took off her training pants without Mrs. Durham knowing and then went and had a accident. It’s just makes more work for her. Mom has tried everything to keep her from doing that.”

“That’s a shame dear. Does she do that often?”

“Yes, it seems like it.  I know it is hard for her, being eleven and  still in having accidents, but it’s just so much work for Mom and others to deal with.” Sarah paused for a second. “They even had to put her in a special class at school, so that they would make sure she did not run off and take her training pants off. Mom has had  to go too many times with a change of clothes for her, that they decided it would be best it she had more supervision.”

Miss Henry placed her hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “I understand dear. I can see you really care about your little sister. Don’t worry about a thing. I know just how to handle bad behaving little children.”

“Thank you Miss Henry. I try and help Mom out as much as I can, but Taylor gets so upset when I try and help her. I don’t know if she is just jealous or what it is.”

Miss Henry’s hand was still on Sarah’s shoulder and she patted it a couple of times. “I”m sure you do all that you can do for her, but it should not be up to you. You just leave everything to me.”

Sarah nodded her head. “Thanks again Miss Henry. I’m so glad Mom called your company and they sent you. I thought, I might be able to look after everything myself, but I’m really glad you are here now.”

“Your Mom should have called sooner dear.” Miss Henry said, with a slight chuckle.


Story written by neverdry.

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