Vintage Baby Dry Replica Briefs

Vintage Baby Dry

Tired of the commonly available 1998 print? Try a more classic recreation of the old Baby-Dry Print.


1. Brand name 4th Generation SAP gel:

This crazy gel has a 4x faster aquisition rate
Better retaining power, even under pressure
Higher capacity
Boasting a 4930ml lab tested capacity (yes that is 169oz)
This ingenious polymer also swells more than the cheap gel that ALL our competition uses
Why don’t ANY other manufacturers use this gel? It costs 3x more money so they can have a higher profit margin. We don’t care about anything other than the BEST QUALITY materials available.

2. Brand name tapes

3. Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

4. Tall standing leg guards

5. Elastic waistbands front and back

7. Reinforced frontal tape allows refastening

8. Thick Vintage style PE backing

Only available in size medium. You can order this new Rearz diaper from their web shop that you find on//

Have a great diaper time.

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