Lucky Chapter 1

Story is written by neverdry

Sarah sat at her desk, doing her homework. The tall fifteen year old blond was just about to finish the last math question when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” Sarah said, turning to see who it was.

The door opened and Sarah’s Mom, Molly walked in. “Hi sweetie, have you got a minute to talk?”

“Sure Mom. What’s up?” Sarah said, turning in her chair.

Molly sat on Sarah’s bed. “I just waited to come up and tell you something.” Molly looked a little nervous as she spoke. ” I’m just going to come out and say it. Alex and I are going to New Zealand for a month. He has a great opportunity to expand his business over there and I decided to go with him. We are going to be leaving in two weeks.”

“For a month? And I take it, I’m not going with you?”

“Yes for a month. Sorry sweetie, we decided that you and Taylor are not going. We thought for a long time about taking you girls, but it’s such an expensive trip and we’re going to be doing more business stuff then fun stuff. I really wish I could take you, but I promise I will take you and Taylor somewhere special this summer.”

Sarah was disappointed that her mother was going to be gone for a whole month. It seems that ever since she got married to Alex about a year ago, her time with her mother has been lacking. “So what are Taylor and I going to do for a month?” Sarah asks.

“Well sweetie, we thought about that for a long time also. You may not like what I’m going to say but we hired a lady to come stay with you girls.”

“You mean you hired a babysitter? Mom really, I’m fifteen and Taylor is eighteen. Can’t we just stay by ourselves? I’m sure we will be fine.” Sarah said, knowing full well her mother was not going to let her stay with her step-sister for a whole month.

“I did not say a babysitter Sarah. She is just a lady from a service that comes and stays with families for long periods of time.” Molly choose her words carefully. She actually hired a nanny, but she did not want to use the word nanny or babysitter. She knew it would be embarrassing for both Sarah and Taylor to be told that her and Alex had indeed hired a babysitter/nanny. “I know you and Taylor don’t see eye to eye on most things. I didn’t want to put Taylor in charge. I don’t think you would have liked that would you?”

Sarah thought about her step-sister Taylor. There was no way she would be in charge anyway and her Mom most likely knew that. The little squirt could never make Sarah do anything anyways. Taylor had at least five inches on her and twenty pounds. Little eighteen year old Taylor always calling Alex “Daddy.” “Daddy can I do this, Daddy can I do that.” It bugged the hell out of Sarah. Sarah stopped calling her Mom, Mommy when she was ten, but here was eighteen year old Taylor calling her Dad, Daddy. She sounded like a seven year old every time. It just bugged Sarah to no end. Taylor also seems to be able to do anything she wants. Were Sarah has to plead and beg with her mother to even go to the movies with her friends on a school night. The more Sarah thought about being home alone with Taylor, the more she wished that could have happened. She knew the second her Mom left for New Zealand, she would be the one in charge and there would be nothing little Taylor could have done about it. Sarah let out a deep breath. “I guess it will be okay Mom. I just wished you could have given me a chance to stay by myself. I mean, I never get into to trouble, never have.”

“I know Sarah. You’re the best. I never have to worry about you. It’s not you. It’s…..” Molly did not what to say what the truth of the matter was. After a second or two and In a softer voice Molly continued, “Between you and me, its not you we’re worried about leaving alone. It’s Taylor. I was scared to even thing about what she might get into, and I knew there wasn’t any way I could convince Alex, that you should be the one left in charge. Even though you are ten times more mature then Taylor, I didn’t want to hurt Alex or Taylor’s feelings.”

Sarah smiled at her mother. “Thanks for saying that mom. I know that Taylor is not the most mature girl, but because of her I have to have a babysitter come stay here. I don’t think that is really fair.”

“Sarah I know. If it was just you, I would have no worries about letting you stay. And please stop using the word babysitter.”

“Why? That is what you basically hired right?”

Molly closed her eyes. “Well honey, I guess you are right. I just did not want to put it like that. I know you don’t need a babysitter.”

“Oh I get it.” Sarah said loudly. “You don’t want Taylor to throw a temper tantrum because you and her Dad hired a babysitter for her. I understand Mom. I don’t like it but I’m not eighteen and in my last year of high school. Don’t worry I will make sure she knows that it was because of her that we have a babysitter here.” Sarah started to laugh.

Molly stood up from the bed. “Sarah, now stop that. It’s going to be bad enough around here the next two weeks with her pouting like a pre-schooler.” Molly covered her mouth. She should have never said that. “I’m sorry Sarah, I should have not said that to you.”

Sarah smile widened. “It’s okay Mom I get it. Don’t worry. I will not say anything to the little princess.” Sarah got up off her chair and walked the couple steps towards her mother and wrapped her arms around her. “I love you Mom. I sure am going to miss you.”

“I love you too honey. I bet I will miss you more.”

Molly left Sarah’s room closing the door behind her. Sarah sat back down and finished off her homework.

Sarah was just putting her books back into her nap sack when another knock come onto her door.

“Come in.”

The door opened and Taylor stood in the doorway, with a sour look on her face. She walked through the door and right up to Sarah. Looking up at Sarah she brought her hand up and pointed her finger in Sarah’s face. “Thanks to you, we have to have some lady come stay with us for a month.”

Sarah looked down at her step-sister hardly believing the little squirt was so in her face. Sarah reached out and pushed Taylor’s hand away. “What are you talking about? And get your little finger out of my face.”

Taylor brought her finger back up. “Daddy just told me they are going to New Zealand for a month and that he hired some lady to come stay here because you are not old enough to be left alone.”

Sarah pushed Taylor’s hand down again, then walked past her and closed her bedroom door. Sarah walked back towards Taylor, forcing her up against the bed. “Is that what your DADDY told you?”

Taylor had to put her hands on the bed as to not fall on it. She got her footing and tried to stand as tall as she could. She started to get scared. “Yes. That’s what he just told me not five minutes ago.”

Sarah smiled. She could see Taylor was almost standing on her toes trying to get as big as she could. Sarah looked down, placed her hand on Taylor’s shoulder. She was going to tell this little girl the truth but something stopped her. Sarah left her hand on Taylor’s shoulder but looked up over Taylor’s head. She was having thoughts of what she could do to Taylor the month that her Mom and Alex were gone. Taylor’s Daddy, would not be here to protect his im-mature little girl. Sarah figured she might be able to have a little fun with her step-sister so she took her hand off Taylor’s shoulder and stepped back away from her. “I don’t now what to say Taylor. It’s not my fault I’m only fifteen.”

Taylor was scared when Sarah had put her hand on her shoulder. She almost started to cry but held it in. She didn’t ever confront anybody. She was always a little timid. She knew that Sarah could do almost anything she wanted because of there size difference. She felt much better when Sarah removed her hand. Sarah had never done anything to her before but something about being in her bedroom with the door closed seemed to put a little fear into her. Taylor took a few steps towards the door before saying, “I told Daddy I could look after you for the month but he said that was not fair to me. So they hired this lady to come stay with us so she could look after you.”

Sarah could not believe what she was hearing. Did this little girl really think she could be left in charge. My god, her Daddy sure can get her to believe anything. Sarah really wanted to say it was not her that her Daddy did not want to be left. It was his little princess that could not be trusted to be left on her own. Sarah held back. No since in getting the little girl all upset. She knew her mother would be pissed if she let Taylor have it. “I guess we will just have to make the best of it. No since throwing a temper tantrum over it.” Sarah smiled.

Taylor took another step towards the door. “I’m not throwing a temper tantrum Sarah. I just wanted to come and say thanks for not being mature enough to stay on your own.” Taylor turned and opened the door.

Sarah started to walk towards Taylor after she heard the little twerp say she was not mature enough to stay by herself. Taylor quickly walked out the door closing it hard. The door slammed shut. “You little bit…..” Sarah yelled out, but stopped herself from finishing her sentence. She so wanted to catch Taylor and let her have it but she took a deep breath and calmed herself down. ‘That little girl is going to get it someday.’

Sarah got into bed and opened the book she had started reading last night. She read a few lines and put the book down. She started thinking about having a stranger come stay for a whole month. Then she thought about her step-sister and how she came into her bedroom earlier. Sarah know her mother was telling the truth about not wanting to have Taylor left on her own. But then Taylor’s Daddy has to tell his little princess that it was Sarah who could not be left, just so her little feelings were not hurt. ‘I wish there was some way to put that little bitch in her place.’ Sarah muttered to herself.


Thirteen days later, Sarah lay in bed, thinking how much effort and work she had put forth to make the next month, a lot of fun. Between exams and all that she had done, the word “Lucky” was one word that she used a lot, the past thirteen days. Sarah was concerned at the start of it about the amount of money she had to spend, but she figured she would be able to make that back this summer. It’s not like she really needed anything away. Even the $50.00 she had given to Taylor’s friend, so that she would invite her for a sleep over tonight was not really a big deal. She knew that if her plan was going to work, she needed a day alone with Miss. Henry. Miss Henry was the lady that was coming in the morning, just before her Mom and Alex left for New Zealand. Lucky for Sarah, Miss Henry had called a couple of days ago and Sarah was the one who answered the phone.

Waking early, Sarah got herself ready for the day. She put on a nice pair of jeans and top that she thought made her look way older then she really is. She styled her hair and put on a little make-up. Looking in the mirror, Sarah smiled at her reflection. There was not a person that did not know her, that would ever dream, she was less then nineteen or twenty years old.

As she walked down the hallway upstairs, she could hear her Mom and Alex in their bedroom getting ready. She made her way further down the hall and opened Taylor’s bedroom door. One last look to make sure everything she had done yesterday was in it’s right place. She chuckled to herself as she looked around. Sarah closed the bedroom door, then double checked to make sure it was closed tightly. She made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Sarah opened the dishwasher and pulled out the top rack. She bent down and to her right, opening the bottom cupboard. Reaching back in behind a few pots that her mother hardly ever uses, she picked up the three things she had hidden there a couple days ago. Closing the cupboard door, she placed the three things in the dishwasher and pressed the quick rinse button.

The door bell rang as soon as Sarah had rearranged a few things in the kitchen.

“Sarah, could you get the door. We will be down in a few minutes.” Molly yelled from the top of the stairs.

Sarah walked towards the front door. “Sure Mom. Take your time.”

Sarah opened the front door and a lady in her late fifty’s was standing holding a suitcase. She was a big lady. Taller then Sarah and most likely close to 180lbs. She was not fat, just big.

“Good Morning. Miss Henry, I assume.” Sarah said.

“Good Morning dear. Yes, I’m Miss Henry from Double Duty Nanny service.”

“Come in. Come in. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Sarah said, holding the door open. “Here let me take your suitcase for you.”

“Oh, thank you dear.”

Sarah took the suitcase and almost fell over trying to hold it up. She waited for Miss Henry to get in before closing the door behind her. “My mom should be down shortly. I will just set your suitcase over here for now.” Sarah set the suitcase down and then held her arm because it hurt from lifting it. “I can take you on a tour of the house after Mom leaves. By the way I’m Sarah.”

“Nice to meet you Sarah. It was you that I talked to on the phone the other day, right?”

“Yes Miss Henry it was me. Here, let me take your coat.” Sarah said, helping Miss Henry off with her coat.

“Thank you again.”

Sarah hung the coat in the closet. “We might as well wait in the family room. It will be a little more comfortable.”

“Lead the way dear.”

Sarah lead Miss Henry into the family room and let her sit in the big recliner. Sarah sat on the couch.

Miss Henry looked around. “This is a very nice home. Nice to see a well kept house.”

Sarah smiled and thought here goes nothing. “Thank you. Mom and I try and keep in clean. But I’m sure you know what it’s like having a little one around.”

Miss Henry chuckled. “OH I know all to well. Is your sister here?”

“No she not here. Taylor went to a friends house for a sleep over last night. I believe we have to pick her up around 5pm.”

“That will be no problem. It will give me a chance to get to know my way around here.” Miss Henry replied as Molly came walking into the family room.

“Good morning Miss Henry. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Alex and I are just about ready to go.”

Miss Henry stood up from her chair, holding out her hand for Molly to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

“I made a list of everything you should need to know. It’s on the kitchen table.” Molly said, pointing towards the kitchen.

Sarah stood up. “I can get that for her Mom. I’m sure if she has any questions, I will be able to help. You go and finish getting ready.”

“Thanks honey. Miss Henry, I will be back shortly. I’m sorry you could not have made it in last night so that we could have talked a little more before we leave, but I’m sure everything you need to know, is in the notes I have made.”

“Okay. Looking at Sarah here, I don’t think this is going to be the most difficult job I have ever had. So I’m sure everything will be just fine.”

“I’m sure it will.” Molly said, turning and half walking, running back up the stairs.

Sarah picked up the two pieces of paper that her mother had typed out using Sarah’s computer. Molly had done it a work, but as luck would have it for Sarah, Molly forget to print it out. So she had asked Sarah if she could use her computer to do it again. Sarah folded the paper in half and pulled open a small cupboard door. Moving a bunch of napkins out of the way, she pulled out three pieces of paper and replaced them with the ones in her hand. Sarah waited for her mother to leave the family room and then stepped into the family room holding the papers. “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?”

Miss Henry had just sat down after Molly had left the room. She started to get back up, until Sarah said, “It’s okay Miss Henry. You stay. I can get which ever you want.”

Miss Henry stayed seated. “Thank you dear. I cup of tea would be perfect.”

Sarah did not say anything. She turned and went back into the kitchen, putting the papers into her back pocket. She wanted her Mom to leave or be on her way out before handing the notes to Mrs. Henry.

Sarah turned on the kettle. She looked at the clock on the stove. 8:45am. Her mother told her they would need to leave by 9:00. Sarah only had to wait another fifteen or so minutes before she would be alone with Miss Henry.

The kettle started to whistle. Sarah took one of the nicer tea cups that she could find out of the cupboard. She got the tea ready and returned to the family room. “Here is your tea. Hope I made it okay.”

“Thank you. I’m sure it will be just fine.”

Sarah looked out as she heard her Mom and Alex coming down the stairs. “Looks like Mom is just about ready to leave.”

Molly stepped into the family room. “I think we are ready to go Sarah.”

“Okay Mom. I will be right there. Enjoy your tea Miss Henry. I’m going to walk Mom and Alex out to say goodbye.”

“That’s fine dear. I should come and talk to them.”

“No. No. It’s fine. You stay and drink your tea. Oh and here are the notes Mom made for you.” Sarah said, pulling the folded papers out of her back pocket and handing them to her.

Miss Henry took the papers from Sarah after setting her tea cup down. “Thank you.” she said, unfolding the paper.

“Be back in a jiffy.” Sarah said, turning and walking quickly towards the front door.

Her Mom and Alex were just putting on there shoes as she made her way to them. Sarah opened the front door and slipped on her flip-flops. “Miss Henry said to have a safe trip. She is just reading the notes you made for her.”

Molly looked into the family room and could see that indeed Miss Henry was reading her notes. She picked up her suitcase and walked out the front door. Sarah followed behind her mom as Alex followed behind Sarah.

Molly and Alex got there suitcases in the car. Alex came and gave Sarah a hug. “Good bye Sarah. Be good for Miss Henry and make sure Taylor does the same.”

Sarah smiled. “We will. Have a good trip.”

Molly had a few tears in her eyes as she hugged Sarah. “I’m going to miss you sweetie.”

“Miss you to Mom. Have a good trip. I love you.”

“Call if you need anything. Like I told you with the time change it might be difficult but if I don’t answer, leave a message and I will be sure to call as soon as I can.”

“It will be fine Mom. Miss Henry seems very nice.” Sarah then smiled. “I know if will be fine. We will have lots of fun.”

“Love you. Bye sweetie.” Molly said, just before getting into the car.

Sarah waited and waved goodbye as the car turned out the driveway. She watched as there car drove down the street, to the stop sign. Once they turned right, Sarah made her way back into the house. She flipped off her sandals and looked in on Miss Henry, who was still reading the notes. Sarah grinned, ‘So far, so good.’ she thought to herself.

Sarah sat down on the couch. Miss Henry looked up from the papers. “Do you have any questions Miss Henry?” Sarah asked, knowing full well she would have many.

Story is written by neverdry

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