Jody’s New Job Chapter 8

Story written by neverdry.

Susan kept Jody busy and Kim made the pancakes. Susan asked about Jody’s childhood, her mother and her previous job.   Jody was answering all of Susan’s questions and soon forgot about the odd underwear she was wearing. Susan could hear the pull-up rustle every once in a while, when Jody moved around on her knees.

“Big day tomorrow.” Susan said.

Jody had drank most of her orange juice and Susan was right there to make sure it stayed filled. Taking yet another drink, Jody felt more relaxed then she had, since she had arrived. Thoughts of leaving were a fading. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” Jody said, still having a hard time looking at Dr. Wells. Most of the time Jody watched Kim work away in the kitchen.

Kim brought two pancakes on a plate and set them in front of Jody. “Maple syrup?” Kim asked.

“Yes please.” That was the best part of having pancakes.

Kim did not give Jody a chance to pour the syrup herself. Kim poured a little bit on the pancakes.

Jody looked up at Kim. “Could I have a little more please.”

Kim poured some more. “I think that’s enough syrup.” Susan said, taking Kim’s arm and pulling it away.

Jody looked down at her pancakes. She alway’s put a lot of syrup on her pancakes. The syrup barely covered the top. “Just a little bit more.” Jody said, pouting a little.

“I’m going to be taking you down to the office and we may be having company over later. I don’t think you want syrup all over that pretty dress. Do you?”

Jody was not going to get syrup on her dress. She knows how to eat properly. “I won’t spill any syrup.”

“Kim bent down and whispered in Jody’s ear. “Maybe you should take your dress off?”

Jody shook her head back and forth. She was aware and felt the odd underwear that was around her waist. She did not want to sit there in just them.

“I could get you something to cover your dress. That way, you can have more syrup.” Kim whispered.

Having something to cover her dress sounded a lot better then sitting there in just the training pants. She really wanted more syrup. “Okay.” she said.

Kim set the syrup down. She returned with a purple bib. The bib had Dora the Explorer on the front. Kim walked behind Jody, placing the bib down in front of her. She tied the bib around Jody’s neck.

“That was a very good decision Jody.” Susan said,

Jody looked down at Dora. She was not happy with it, but after Dr. Wells  said. ‘it was a good idea’. She let it go.  Jody did not say anything, she just waited for Kim to pour more syrup onto her pancakes.

Kim poured a good amount of syrup onto Jody’s pancakes. Jody smiled and couldn’t wait to eat them. Kim went back to the kitchen and brought over two more plates for her and Susan. Both women watched Jody closely, hoping just a little bit of syrup ended up on her bib. If that happened, it would be much easier for them to have her wear a bib from now on.

22 year old Jody sat on her knees, wearing a bib. Her training pants visible under the pink dress she wore. Jody enjoyed the first couple of bites of her pancakes. They tasted great. She was being careful, trying not to spill. Half way through Jody’s knees got a little sore and she moved around  a little, trying to get  comfortable. It would have been better if she had of waited until she finished the pancake that was on her fork, because when she moved, syrup dripped from her fork and landed on Dora. Jody noticed and went to remove the syrup with her hand.  Just as she was going to try and wipe it away, she heard Dr. Wells say, “Jody, don’t touch that. You will have syrup all over.”

Jody stopped her fingers just before she touched  the syrup. She looked up at Dr. Wells and froze.. Fork in one hand and the other hand just an inch away from her bib.

A little stern, Susan said, “Just leave it. It will wash.”

Jody felt bad for spilling. She looked down at Dora. Dora’s face had four spots of syrup on her face. She set her fork down and picked up her glass of orange juice and took a drink. Dr. Wells seemed upset with her, again.. She set her glass down. “I’m sorry.”

Susan recached over and touched Jody’s arm. “That’s okay Jody. Covering your dress was a very good idea you had.”

Dr. Wells praising her made Jody feel a little better. It was a good idea to cover her dress. Dr. Wells would have been really upset, if she had of dripped syrup on it. Jody went back to eating her pancakes. Kim gently kicked Susan under the table. Susan and Kim smiled at each other knowing their little girl would be wearing a bib from no on.

Jody was still eating, being very careful not to spill anymore. Kim and Susan picked up their  empty plates and stood beside each other by the sink. Kim whispered,”She thinks you don’t know about the wet bed.”

Susan winked. They both turned and watched little Jody eat. Susan poured another cup of coffee and retuned to the table. Jody only had a few more bites of pancake left. Jody set down her fork once she was had finished.

“Did you like the pancakes?” Susana asked.

“Yes. They were really good.” Jody replied.

“That’s good. If you are all finished, you should go wash your hands and face in the bathroom.”

Jody went to get down from her chair, but stopped just before her feet hit the floor. She was not  going into the bathroom. No way.  Jody sat on the edge of the chair looking down.

“Hurry up Jody. Then you can come with me and see the office.”

Jody kept looking  at the floor. She was not going into the bathroom, with that mean stupid potty. “Do I have to?”

Kim heard and seen what was happening. She grabbed a wet cloth and walked over. “That’s okay honey. Here, hold your hands out for me.”

Susan huffed,”Oh I forgot, the potty has teeth!”

Jody looked at Dr. Wells. “It does!”

Kim cleaned Jody’s hands and then opened the cloth and cleaned Jody’s face. Jody moved her head back some trying to get away from the wet cloth. Kim gently put her other hand on the back of Jody’s head and held it.

“Okay. All clean. Stand up.”

Jody stood and Kim turned Jody around. Kim un-tied the bib and took it off her. She turned Jody back around and held the bib in front of her. “That was very good of you to decide to wear this Jody. I’m very proud of you. Do you watch Dora?”

Jody smiled looking at the picture of Dora. “Thank you. No.”

“Well maybe after Dr. Wells gives you a tour of the office, I can put Dora on the TV.”

Jody had seen pictures of Dora before, but never seen her on TV. “Okay.”

Kim put her hand under Jody’s dress and brought it up between her legs. Kim pressed the front of Jody’s pull-up. She leaned  into Jody  and whispered, “Everything okay?”

Jody felt Kim’s hand push up her new underwear. Jody stammered, “Y…Ye..Yes.”

Kim pulled her hand out from under Jody’s dress. “Good girl.” she said, standing back up.

“All ready for the tour?” Susan said, standing up, holding her coffee mug.

Jody nodded. Susan took Jody’s hand. They walked towards the hallway. When they got close to the bathroom, Susan felt Jody grip her hand a little tighter. Jody turned her head, so that she did not see that stupid mean potty. They walked into the family room and then Susan let go of Jody’s hand so that she could open the door leading down a set of stairs. Susan took Jody’s hand again and they made there way down.

Kim cleaned up the kitchen and then went to remove Jody’s wet sheets. She looked at the dresser and decided to install the padding on the top.  She hoped, if all went well today, she would have Jody on top of the dresser, putting her in a cute diaper before bed.

Susan led Jody through another door at  the bottom of the stairs, into a room with a bunch of filing cabinets and a desk.

“This is where you will be working, SOME of the time.”

Jody looked around the room. It was a fairly big room with a nice office chair pushed up under the desk. Susan pulled the chair out. “Here, have a seat. See how it feels.”

Jody had to get on her toes and with her hands on the arms of the chair, pulled herself up into it. Susan pushed the chair up close to the desk. “How does that feel?” she asked.

“Good.” Jody replied. Jody smiled big. This was going to be so much better then standing on the line at the factory. The chair was very comfortable. She looked up and could see out a  good sized window, another big room with chairs lined the wall she could see.

“Good.” Susan pulled the chair back out and Jody hopped down. She opened another door which led to a huge waiting room. Many chairs lined the right wall. On the other side of the room, there was a huge mat. The mat was blue, red, yellow and orange. Toys scattered it.  Up a against the left wall were stacks of books and shelving that held a variety of different  toys. A TV was mounted in the corner.

“This is our waiting room. As you can see we have a big play area to keep the kids entertained while they wait. One of your jobs will be to make sure it stays clean and neat.”

Jody could easily handle that. She walked on the big rubber mat. Her bare feet sank into it.

“I have a couple things I should  do. Would you be able to pick up the toys and put them back where they belong? That way it’s done before morning.”

Jody looked at all the toys on the mat. There were a lot. She look back at Dr. Wells. “I guess I can.”

“That would be great. I will show you the rest once you are done.” Susan said, then walked back into the office, stopping to look out the window at Jody.

Jody picked up a couple of stuffed bunnies. She walked over to the shelving, but  was not really sure where to put them. She bent down to look at the bottom shelves which had plastic bins on them. She found one that was empty so she pulled it out and placed it on the mat. Jody tossed the stuffed bunnies into the bin and went back to get more.

Susan was beaming,  watching Jody pick up the toys. ‘Have fun Jody. You are going to be spending a lot of time out there.’ she said to herself.  Jody did not look out of place on the play mat. Her height and the fact that Susan could easily see her training pants. No one should ever question why, Jody would be out there playing with the toys.

Jody had just a few more plastic trucks to put away. She placed the trucks in another bin and then looked around. There were three doors. One went outside, one went back into the office and the other, she was not sure. Jody walked up to the door she had no idea where it led and opened it. It lead into a hallway that had doors on the other side. From her left she heard a door open. Dr. Wells walked through. “All done?”

“Yes. I got the toys put away.” Jody said, proudly.

Susan walked up to her and took her hand. “Let’s see how good of a job you did.” Susan led Jody back out into the waiting room. They both stood on the play mat. “Looks good. You’re going to be such a great help around here. Let me show you the rooms I use to see the patients.” Susan and Jody walked back through the door Jody had opened. The doors Jody could see all had numbers on them.

Susan opened one of the exam rooms. It was painted light yellow and had stickers of different animals on the walls.  The exam table had a blue plastic mat with yellow ducks on it.

“I almost forgot. I need to give you the flu shoot.” Susan said.

Jody did not want a needle. “Ohhhh. Do I have to get it?”

“Yes you do. Don’t worry. It will not hurt, one little bit.” Susan took Jody under her arms and placed her on the exam table. Jody sat on the edge of the table. Feet dangling, Jody sat getting very nervous about getting a needle. She hated needles.

“Everything okay?” Susan asked as she could see Jody was worried.


Susan went to pull up Jody’s sleeve on her dress. “I think it would be better if you remove the dress. Can  you do that for me?”

Jody starred at the needle Dr. Wells was holding. She grabbed her left sleeve and pushed it up.

“No honey. It would be better to take that dress off. The sleeve will not go up far enough.”  Susan could see Jody looking  at the needle in her hand.  So she set the needle down on the counter and picked Jody up so that she was standing on the exam table. Susan took the dress from the bottom and lifted it up and off her. Jody stood on the exam table in  her pull-up. Susan held Jody up and could not get over how cute she looked in just her training pants. She let her sit back down on the table. Susan took a cotton ball with alcohol on it and rubbed it on Jody’s arm.

“Close your eyes. It will be over with in a second.” Susan said, before picking the needle up.

Jody closed her eyes. She was so nervous about getting the needle she did not realize that she peed just a little into her pull-up.

“There all done. See that did not hurt.”

Jody looked at her arm. She did not feel a thing. “I did not even feel it.”

“See, I told you you had nothing to fear.” Susan took her time disposing the needle. She could not take her eyes off Jody. She looked so cute and innocent wearing nothing more then her training pants.   “Okay down you go.” Susan said, lifting Jody off the table.

Jody looked down at the underwear that she was wearing. Something  was telling her that she should not be wearing them. She had not thought about them too much this  morning, until now. Standing in front of Dr. Wells made her very aware of the strange underwear.   She took her finger and poked them. She knows they are made for children, even babies. She was not a child and she was no baby.

Susan looked at Jody poking her pull-up. She was not sure if she should say something or not.  She did know that she wanted  Jody to remain just wearing the pull-up for as long as she could. “I should get your weight and height. Would that be okay?”

Jody looked up at Dr. Wells. “I guess.”

Susan took Jody’s hand. “I don’t have a scale in this room. So we will have to go to another.” Susan pulled Jody towards the doorway.

“My dress.” Jody said.

“It’s okay. We will come back and get it.”

Jody reluctantly walked out of the exam room and into another. The pull-up seemed thicker and she could clearly hear it, now that she was thinking about it.

“Just stand up on there.” Susan pointed to the scale in the corner of the room.

Jody walked over and stood on the scale with her back to Dr. Wells.

“Just need to get something to write on. One second.” Susan stood back looking at Jody standing on the scale. Her pink training pants on full display. Just could not wait to get Jody into one of those animal print diapers.  Susan looked her over. After  a little bit, she finally walked up behind Jody. She moved the weights on the top of the scale. “84 pounds.  Okay you can go back and put your dress back on.”

Jody stepped off the scale. She quickly walked out and went to retrieve her dress. Susan followed her and stood in the doorway. She watched as Jody took her dress off the exam table and put it back on.

“Well that’s about it. We should head back up stairs” Susan said.

Jody walked out to Dr. Wells and with out  even thinking put her hand in her’s . Susan closed the door behind them and they made there way back upstairs.

Kim was sitting on the couch when Susan and Jody came through the door.

“Well, what do you think of the office? Kim asked.

Susan let go of Jody’s hand and Jody walked up to Kim. She went around the coffee table and stood beside her. With excitement, Jody said, “It’s good. I sat up at the desk.”

Kim was trying not to laugh at the excited little girl. “You did. Oh my. How was that?”

“It was very comfortable. It’s gong to be great working there.”

“Did you see or do anything else?” Kim asked, like Jody had just got home from her first day of school.

“I put away all the toys and then Dr. Wells gave me a flu shot.”

“That’s great. Well putting away the toys anyway. I’m sure the flu shot was not so fun.”

“It did not even hurt.” Jody said, like she still could not believe it.

“I’m going to get another coffee. Would you like a drink Jody.” Susan asked.

“Okay. Please.” Jody said, not even looking towards Dr. Wells.

Susan walked out of the family room. When she did. Kim pulled Jody closer to her. “How is your pull-up doing?”

That took the excitement out of Jody. “It’s Okay.”

“Good. I’m so proud of you.  Here sit up with me and I will put Dora on the TV.”

Jody climbed up on the couch beside Kim. Jody was not really sure why Kim would be so proud of her, but she did like her saying that.   Kim had the Dora DVD all set. She pushed the button on the remote and the show started. Susan returned with a plastic cup, half filled with orange juice and handed it to Jody.

Jody took the cup. “Thank you.”

“I would prefer that you use both hands if you are going to drink that, sitting on the couch.” Susan said, standing in front of Jody, blocking the TV.

“We don’t need any spills.” Km interjected.

Jody took the cup by both hands. “Okay.” Geez, she really wished they would stop thinking she was going to spill everything. Okay sure, a couple of drops of syrup spilled, but if I could sit up to the table like she normally did, that would not have happened.

Susan took her coffee and sat in the chair to the right of the couch. Jody tipped the cup up to her mouth and took a drink. Dora and Boots came on the big TV. Jody looked up at Kim. This was a show for little kids. She was not  going to be interested in this.  Jody looked over at Dr. Wells. She was watching the show. She looked back at Kim and she was watching the show. Well I guess I can watch also, but I don’t think I will like it.

Ten minutes into the show. Jody’s felt the need to use the bathroom. She sat for a few minutes not really paying any attention to the TV. She was trying to convince herself to go to the bathroom. Finally she moved slowly off the couch, holding her cup with both hands. She set the cup on the coffee table. Kim noticed her, but did not move. She watched Jody out of the corner of her eye. Jody started to walk towards the hallway. Jody got one step into the hallway and stopped. It was not that she just needed to pee this time. She needed to poop. Jody stood in the hallway for a few minutes trying to get the courage up to go into the bathroom.She felt ridiculous, fighting with herself.  It was one thing to wet your pants. She was not going to poop her pants.   She took a few more slow steps and peaked around the bathroom doorway. When she saw the big potty Jody turned and ran back out into the family room.

“Everything okay.” Kim asked.

Jody went behind a chair that was close to the doorway that lead down to the office. She looked around the chair when she heard Kim. She looked at Kim and then went back behind the chair.  She really need to go, but she didn’t want to go anywhere near that bathroom. She could hear the potty talking to her, like it was right beside her.  Jody placed her hands on the chair and lowered her head.

Kim stayed seat and so did Susan. They watched Jody look around the chair, then disappear. Jody stood behind the chair hiding. Tears started to flow down her cheeks She looked back down the hallway trying to make her feet move, but  they wouldn’t.  She had to go in there. She just had too.  She was not going to be able to hold on much longer.  All off a sudden Jody’s body bent from the waist down and the most babyish thing happened. She wet and messed her pull-up. It all happened so  quick,  that it seemed her body just took over and no matter what her brain wanted, it was not getting it.

Kim could hear Jody sniffling from behind the chair. It didn’t take either Susan or Kim long to smell what had happened.  They looked at each other not really sure what they should do. Susan mouthed the words. “Just wait.” Kim nodded her head.

Jody stood behind the chair. The smell hit  her like a freight train. She started crying harder.  She was afraid that she had made a mess on the floor.  When she looked down on the floor there was nothing there.  She could feel her pull-up sag between her legs and she was scared to move. She knew that she could not stand there for ever and she  did not want to stand there much longer. Her messy pull-up did not feel very good.  Jody slowly and carefully,  stepped from behind the chair. Tears flowing down her face. She was beyond upset.

Kim stood up. “Honey whats wrong. Come here.”

Jody did not move. She was crying like, well like a child that had pooped her pants that was way too old to be pooping in her pants.  Kim walked over to Jody. She knew exactly want happened but wanted Jody to say it. Kim bent down. “What’s wrong sweetie?. Do you not like the show?”

Jody did not know what to say or even how to say what she had done. She was so distraught. So very confused.   Her hands were shaking and she was crying so hard she could hardly catch her breath. Jody, finally got enough air in her lungs  to say,  “I…..I…..I pooped.”

Story written by neverdry.

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