No Mum

No Mum (Wet version)Sometime Foxy have a little hard to understand way his mother wont to change his diaper when it is so cozy and nice to wear or when he is about to play whit something that he really wont to play whit.

This was one of this moment when he recently have wet his cozy and big diaper his fourth time and the wetness starting to spread around his diaper butt. His mother notes that here sons diaper starting to look pretty well used when he was waddling to his nursery. Se pat his diaper but and smiles at him at the same time maybe it is time we change your wet, cold and nasty diaper into something dry and clean.

Foxy turn around and look into his mothers eyes and told here: No mum i dont have time for a diaper change now i am going to play whit Pikachu and teddy now maybe lather i could have a new diaper.

His mother lock kind of chock to this kind of respond. What should she do?

Draw by Uhlric

No Mum (Wet and messy)

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