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Princess Pink Nighttime Briefs

Princess Pink Nighttime Briefs

In a pink world of princesses and magical unicorns all your dreams will come true.  

 Not only is it uber cute, it’s super THICK and crazy absorbent!

Featuring a wider and considerably thicker core than our footprint diapers.  This all pink plastic backed design has big strong tapes and a VERY soft inner.  All the necessary features for a fabulous diaper have been included: tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands (front and Rearz), adorable print, thick plastic outer, reinforced frontal tape landing zone. Suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.

Princess P and her magical, colour changing unicorn are about to accompany you in making your dreams come true.

The photo and information is copy from rearz.ca website wear you also can pre-order the diaper.

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