Jody’s New Job Chapter 5

Story written by neverdry.

A hour passed since Jody had thrown her temper tantrum. She had fallen asleep in Susan’s arms. Carefully, Susan stood, hoping she would not wake her. . She walked into the family room and gently laid Jody on the couch. She grabbed a blanket and place it over her.

Susan meet Kim back in the kitchen. “I’m not sure what she is going to be like when she wakes up.” Susan said, as she held Kim from behind.

Kim smiled, as Susan gently held her. “I don’t know either. What do you thing we should do?”

“I think we should just carry on like nothing happened. Let’s wait and see how she is when she wakes from her nap. I’m going to go get the romper we bought. Maybe when can get her in that before supper.” Susan kissed Kim’s neck and retrieved the pink romper from Jody’s bedroom.  She quietly walked into the family room and placed the romper on the coffee table in front of where Jody was sleeping.

Kim had supper ready. She replaced the chair that Jody had sat on earlier, with another chair that looked the same as the other three chairs at the kitchen table, Kim was surprised their contractor never asked any questions. He did what they asked and that was that.   This chair sat a little lower to the floor. She made sure to fill Jody’s glass fill of water and set a full jug of water on the table.

After watching Jody sleep, Susan sat on the couch and placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Honey wake up. Supper is ready.”

Jody’s eyes slowly opened. She focused on Susan’s face. She then looked around the room wondering where she was. Feeling very confused, Jody rubbed her eyes. She looked back at Susan. “What…what happened?

“You said you wanted to sleep after your bath. Come on honey. Get dressed and come out for supper.” Susan said, then got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. She turned as she got in the kitchen. She wanted to see what Jody was going to do.

Jody’s eye’s blink a few times. She was very confused as to where she was. She pushed the blanket down off her a little and noticed the only thing covering her was a towel. Memories of the bathroom came back to her. She remembers sitting in the bathtub, but not much else. She must have had a bath. Why else would she just be in a towel. Jody slowly sat up. She swung her feet around. She looked around. A  huge TV  hung on the far wall. Pieces of art hung on the other walls. The couch was big and black. She  looked down at the clothing sitting on the coffee table. She picked up the romper and held it out. All pink, with short sleeves. She turned it around and noticed a zipper that ran up the back. This was not anything she had brought with her.

Susan walked back into the family room and stood at the end of the couch. “Suppers getting cold. Hurry up and get dressed.”

“These are not my clothes.” Jody quietly said.

Susan took a few steps towards her. “I know honey. We need you to try that on. That will be your uniform for work.”

With both hands Jody held the romper. Susan sat down beside Jody. She reached out and un-zipped the romper. “We just want to make sure it fits, before Monday morning. Here, stand up and I can show you how it goes on.”

Jody looked down at the purple towel she had wrapped around her. She slowly stood. “I don’t have any underwear on.”

Susan took a hold of the towel and pulled it away. Jody stood naked. “I’m sorry. Why don’t you run and grab a pair from your suitcase.” Susan stood, holding the pink romper. She turned to start walking towards the kitchen.

Jody froze. Naked and a feeling  a little chilly. “Uhmmm……I. I…”

Susan took a few steps. “Come on honey. Come  grab some panties.”

“But…I’m naked.” Jody said, placing her one hand down between her legs.

Susan chuckled. “Nothing I have not seen before. Hurry, before supper gets cold.”

“I can’t just walk around naked!”

“Don’t be silly. Come on before supper gets cold.” Susan walked towards the kitchen holding  the romper and towel. Jody put her head down. Something was off. She was not sure what she should do. She remembers the bus station and the trip in the truck. Jody remembered having a snack and talking with Dr. Wells. Looking down at her naked body, she felt like she was going to cry.  She couldn’t  stand here naked for ever. She slowly started to walk past the couch and into the kitchen.

Kim was just putting the sauce on the pasta as Susan walked in the kitchen. Kim noticed she was holding the romper and the towel that Jody had on. She looked past Susan and to her delight saw Jody, head down, walking naked just behind her.

“Suppers ready Jody. Hurry before it gets cold.” Kim said loudly.

“Jody needs some panties.” Susan said,

Kim set the pasta bowl down and  walked towards Jody suitcases. “Which suitcase honey?”

Jody lifted her head up and slowly walked by Susan. It did not seem to bother these two that she was buck naked. With her hand still between her legs, trying to hide her private parts. Jody felt funny walking around in front of these two women totally naked. But she did not figure she had much of a choice at the moment. She would get some clothes on, then try and figure out, what was going on. When she got near her suitcases and Kim, she turned and looked down the hallway that led to the bathroom. All of a sudden, like a switch in  her brain turned on. She pictured the large toil….potty she had encountered earlier.  Jody starred down the hallway. Her hand pushed up into her private area harder. She lifted her other arm up and pointed it towards the hallway. “I…I…I…remember the big potty.”

Kim reached out and took Jody’s hand. “Don’t worry about that right now. Come, lets get you some panties. Now which suitcase?”

Jody did not want to turn from looking down the hallway but  had no choice when Kim took her hand and slowly turned her. “But….but I…..I remember that….” Jody could not finished what she wanted to say. Her focus was now on the two suitcases sitting in front of her. Jody looked at the two suitcases. Pointing to the one on the right she said, “I think, that one.”

Kim let go of Jody’s hand and bent down. She un-zipped the suitcase and opened it up. The suitcase was only about 3/4 full. Five or six pair of jeans. A few t-shirts. A couple sweaters.  In the one side, at the top, Kim found a stack of panties. She reached in and pulled a hand full out. She  held a few purple, a few black, but the one she took out of the middle were pink. She held them out for Jody to take. Jody took  the pink panties. Kim tossed the others back into the suitcase.

Kim stood, looking down at Jody. Like she was talking to a small child she said, “Quick, like a bunny. Get those panties on.”

Jody held the panties out. She  stepped one leg in and then the other. She pulled them up over her waist.  Susan tossed Kim the romper. Kim bent back down and held the romper out in front of Jody. “Let’s try this uniform on. I hope it fits.” Jody picked her right leg up, then her left. Jody felt weird letting Kim dress her, but really she  just wanted to get some clothes on.  Kim pulled the romper up. Taking Jody’s right arm, she fed it through. Then the other arm. Kim spun Jody around and zipped up the back.

“Ooooo.. that looks great on you.” both Susan and Kim said at the same time.

Jody looked down at the pink romper. She could see the top of  her knees. The short sleeves, stopped just above  her elbows. It was not the worst piece of clothing she had ever worn.  She had never worn anything like it before and was not really sure what it was.  Kim took her hand and walked her towards the kitchen table. “That uniform is perfect.” Kim said, as she pulled out Jody’s chair.

“I like it.” she said. It did feel very comfortable. Jody sat down in the wooden chair.

“I’m glad. It looks very professional on you.” Kim said with a smirk, as she pushed Jody’s chair in towards the table.

Jody’s chin just came above the table. Something felt off. Jody looked around the room. She looked at the other three chairs. Dr. Wells  was walking towards her holding a dish. She remembered sitting at this same table earlier. Dr. Wells sat the dish down on the table. “Everything okay?” Jody heard Dr. Wells  ask.

Jody looked down at the floor. Then back up at the Doctor. Then down at the plate that was in front of her. Jody brought her arms up and placed them on each side of the plate. She pushed herself up, bringing her feet up  and then knelt on the chair. She does not  remember having to do that earlier, but maybe she did. She was not really sure.  “I’m okay, I guess.”

Susan smiled as little Jody had to kneel on her modified chair. Wearing her pink romper, she looked like a 5 year old waiting  for supper to be served. Susan so wanted to get a bib, but she held back. Susan dished out some pasta on Jody’s plate.

Jody looked down at her pink uniform. Thoughts of the  $23.00 a hour, she was going to start making went through her mind.  Kim said, ‘She looked very professional.’ Wow..she never thought she would ever get out of that factory. Now she would be soon working in a Doctor’s office.  Soon she would be able to get her own place. A car even. She looked up at Kim and Dr. Wells. They both sat at the table with her.  Jody smiled. “Thank you for hiring me.”

Susan and Kim looked at Jody kneeling on her chair, clothed in a romper and looking  like she should be getting on a bus, heading to grade 1.  They both smiled and laughed. Jody let out a little chuckle, not really knowing why.

“We are just so happy you filled out that application. We are so looking forward too you staying with us.” Susan said, looking at Kim then at Jody.

“We sure are.” Kim added.

Jody picked up her fork and took some pasta. Eating the pasta, she found it had a little kick to it. She set her fork down after a few bites and took a big drink of her water.

“Is the pasta okay.” Kim asked.

“Yes, it;s good. Spicy.” Jody replied.

Jody had a little pasta left on her plate and she had already finished one glass of water. Susan was quick, to refill her glass. When Jody heard the water pouring into her glass, she  felt her bladder twinge. The water she had drank with her snack and now another full glass, her bladder was full.  She started to move around in the chair a little. Kim and Susan noticed. Of course they were not taking their eyes off of little Jody. They were both so happy at how things we’re going,   Jody took the last of the pasta and finished it up. Her knees were becoming a little sore from having to kneel on them.

“Would you like some more?” Kim asked.

“No thank you. It was very good though.”

“Would you like some ice cream for dessert?”

Jody took another drink of water. “Hmm….sure.” Ice creamed sounded good. Back home she really could not afford to much. She had not had ice cream since she had lived with her Mother.

Kim stood and took Jody’s plate. Jody felt her bladder twinge a little harder. She started to move around on the chair a little bit more. For one, her knees were hurting and the other was that she was trying to calm her bladder.  Susan looked at little Jody. Jody’s right arm went below the table. She placed it between her legs. Susan knew that Jody needed to pee, it was not hard to come to that conclusion. She decided that now was as good as any, to find out how Jody was going to react to having to use the potty. Susan leaned over  in Jody’s direction. Quietly she asked, “Jody. Do you need to use the big potty?”

Jody’s hand pushed up in-between her legs. Her head tilted towards Susan. She moved around from one knee to the other. Her but lifted up off her heels. Hearing ‘the big potty’ confused Jody.  Par of her mind was telling her that she did want to use the potty. Her bladder and 19 years of using the potty was telling her that, she did in fact, need to use the potty. Susan could see the confusion on Jody’s face.

Slowly and quietly Susan said, “You don’t need to use the potty if you don’t want to.”

Jody’s 22 year old mind was running wild. Part of it was telling her to get to the potty quick. Another part was telling her not too. Her hand pushed hard, up against her crotch. She placed her other hand on the table and slowly stood on the wooden chair. “I…I…I need to go.” she yelled.

22 year old Jody stood on her chair, looking more like a preschooler doing the potty dance, then a grown  women that was suppose to start a office job in two days. Susan reached out and grabbed Jody’s arm. With Jody moving from one foot to the other, she really thought she might fall off the chair. Susan stood, holding onto Jody’s arm.

Kim was walking back towards the table with a bowl of ice cream. She saw Jody stand, with her hand between her legs saying ‘I need to go.’  “Jody, be careful. You are going to fall. Sit back down on your bum.” she said quite loudly.

“I need to pee!” Jody yelled.

Susan took Jody’s  other arm, picking her up and  set her on the floor. “Hurry up then.” Susan said, pointing down the hallway.

Jody with her hand between her legs, ran towards the bathroom as quick as she could.  Susan and Kim watched Jody, clad in her pink romper run towards the bathroom, looking like a little girl trying very hard not to pee in her pants. They both knew no matter what Jody decided to do once she got into the bathroom, she wasn’t  going to be able to take that romper off without help. Finding the snaps that ran down  in-between her legs was a long shot.

Jody ran inside the bathroom and quickly stopped in front of the toilet. She looked at the toilet and it  all came back to her. Tears formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Both hands now between her legs, she had to get onto the potty. She just had too, but how. She pressed her legs together as tight as she could. Jody took her hands out from between her legs and grabbed her romper from  the top. She pulled down on the romper but it would not move. Zipper. There was a zipper at the back. With her right hand she recached back. She got a hold of the zipper. She tried to move it down but couldn’t. She moved her arm from over her shoulder to underneath and back around her body. Her fingers couldn’t  reach the  zipper. She stained to  stretched her fingers and arm out and when she did, Jody felt her panties starting to get wet. She quickly took her hands and placed both of them between her legs. She couldn’t get her pee to stop.  It came out at  full force. Her uniform was getting wetter by the second. Pee started running down her legs and pooling around her bare feet. Jody started to cry harder and harder. The warm urine soon soaked the lower half of her romper.

Kim took the bowl of ice cream and placed it in the freezer. Both her and Susan walked down the hallway, stopping in the doorway.  Jody stood in a pool of urine,  with both hands between her legs, crying uncontrollably. Susan was the first to walk into the bathroom, opening the closest door and grabbing a towel.

“Oh honey. Did you not make it?” Susan said, as she walked up with the towel.

Jody had snot running from her nose and tears covered her cheeks. Susan placed the towel on the floor and took Jody by the arms, pulling her hands away from between her legs. “It’s okay sweetie. Please stop crying.”

Jody was in no way going to stop crying anytime soon. She stood looking at Dr. Wells then at that stupid big toilet. Jody was mad,  very confused and totally embarrassed. “Stupid potty.” she yelled out. She wanted to kick it. Why the hell was it so big. Jody tried to twisted her body around. She wanted to punch the stupid big potty. “I hate that thing.” she yelled louder.

Susan held on tight to Jody’s arms. Susan could not believe at what Jody was yelling out. ‘Don’t worry honey you will soon not have to worry about using that stupid potty.’ she thought. Susan let go of  Jody’s one  arm.. She pulled the zipper down on the romper. Then placed her hand back on Jody’s arm. “Shhh. Shhhh. It’s okay. Come on let’s get you out of your wet uniform. I will need to wash it before Monday.”

Jody forgot about the potty for a second, looking down at her very wet uniform. She sniffled and tried to calm herself down. She needed it for Monday. She let Susan pull down her uniform. Then her panties.

“I brought some wipes in to help with the clean up.” Kim said, standing behind Susan.

“Thank you Kim.” Susan took the box of baby wipes and placed them on the floor.  “Say thank you to Kim for bringing the wipes in Jody.”

Jody looked up at Kim. “Thank you.” she quietly said.

“No problem, BABY.”

Jody started to cry a little more. She had almost stopped, but when Kim said ‘baby’ she heard the phrase in her head, ‘That’s okay baby. You don’t have to use the potty.” Jody turned back and looked at the potty. “I hate that thing.”

Susan had place the towel out on the floor and  cleaned up all of Jody’s pee. She opened the box of baby wipes and took a few out. She started to clean Jody’s legs and bottom. Jody moved around as the wipes were cold. As Susan was cleaning her, she started talking, “It’s okay baby. You don’t have to use that big potty.” Over and over Susan kept talking, taking her time cleaning little Jody up. The wipes warmed and Jody stopped moving. She starred at the potty, listening to Susan tell her, she did not have to use the big potty.

Susan tossed the baby wipes into the trash can and stood. She took Jody’s hand. “Let’s get you something to wear baby.” Susan pulled Jody away from the potty. Jody yelled again. “I hate that stupid potty.”

“I know baby. It’s okay.” Susan said, pulling Jody out of the bathroom and into the hallway. Now was a good time to let Jody see her new bedroom. Susan opened the bedroom door and pulled Jody in. Susan flipped on the light. Jody felt carpet under her feet and turned away from looking at the potty. The carpet  felt soft on her bare feet. Susan let go of Jody’s hand and placed it on Jody’s back. She gave Jody a little push. “Isn’t this a nice room baby?”

Jody saw the pink dresser first. It was long and had lots of drawers. She turned her head and looked at the pink bed. She slowly walked up to it. She couldn’t  even see the top of the bed. Her head came just to where the railing started. The railing had three rails. Jody raised her hand up and placed it on the top rail. Susan came up behind Jody, picking her up and standing her on the top of the mattress. Susan heard the plastic sheet that was covering the mattress crinkle, but Jody did not. She was to concerned with how high she stood. The floor was a long ways down.

“Sit on your bum, baby. Let me see what I can find for you to wear.” Susan said, letting go of Jody, who was standing in the middle of the bed. Susan stood, waiting for Jody to sit.

Jody looked at Susan. “What is this bed?”

“It’s your bed baby.”

“No it’s not. It’s way to high. And look at these things on the side.” Jody said, pointing at the railings. “It looks like a crib!”

“It’s not a crib. It’s just a big bed.  Now sit on your bum!”

Jody stomped her foot down and the plastic sheet made a loud crinkling sound.”No. Get me off of here!”

A little more firm, Susan said, “Jody! Sit on you bum now! You are going to fall and hurt yourself.”

Kim stood in the doorway watching naked Jody, standing in her bed, starting to throw another temper tantrum. She walked in and stood beside Susan. “Jody! You need to listen. Now sit down, before you hurt yourself.”

Jody looked at the two women. Standing naked, once again she yelled. “I’m not staying in here. I want to go home.”

Susan reached out  and took Jody under her arms. She lifted her up over the railing and stood her on the floor. “Fine, go home then. I don’t think I want a pants wetting little girl working for me anyway.” Susan took Kim by the hand and they walked out of the bedroom.

Jody stood in total shock. She watched as Kim and Dr. Wells left the room. Jody’s tears started flowing again. She sat on the floor.  I’m not staying in here. It looks like a baby’s room. She looked around again, then down at her naked body. She would just go back home. Back to the factory. But they said she looked professional in her work uniform. She wanted to make $23.00 a hour. She had to stop peeing in her pants. Why oh why does she keep doing that. That stupid big potty. I hate that stupid potty. Finally after 20 mins Jody got up and walked over to the dresser. She started pulling out drawers. Empty. Then another. Empty. She opened all the drawers and found nothing. She went to the closest doors. She tried to  push them open, but they would not move. She tried again. Nothing she did made the doors open. Getting frustrated she kicked  the closet door.  All that did was make her foot hurt. Naked Jody walked to the doorway. She peeked around and saw Kim and Dr. Wells sitting at the kitchen table talking, She could not hear what they we’re saying . She looked across the hall, into the bathroom. Stupid big potty its all your fault. Jody had no idea what to do next. Should she just walk out into the kitchen, find some clothes, then get her suitcases and leave? Should she go apologize for acting like such a brat. Apologize for peeing in her pants like a baby. She looked back into the bedroom. The big pink bed with railings looked enormous.

Story written by neverdry.

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