Jody’s New Job Chapter 3

Story written by neverdry.

Wednesday night Kim and Susan went shopping.  They  purchased  a  bed and dresser/change table from a place not far from them. It took Susan some time on the internet,  finding a change table that would be big enough for their new little girl. They were both surprised to find a toddler bed and dresser/change table, both in pink,  that  would easily accommodate Jody. They stopped into the store just to double check.  Susan inquired about a highchair after looking at the bed and dresser. The young sales lady took Susan and Kim to the highchair section of the store. The young lady showed them a couple she thought would work. Susan and Kim decided that they should wait and see how things progress before purchasing it.   The bed and dresser/change table would be delivered in the morning. Susan and Kim pulled into Rearz after stopping for coffee. After about a hour in the store, they could hardly fit everything they bought, into the back of their SUV.

On the drive back home they decided to stop into a children’s clothing store which the young lady at Rearz told them about. It was getting late and they hoped the store would still be open. It was. They  found so many cute  clothes that would likely fit Jody. They found clothes that looked like that they should be bought for a toddler, but were big enough to fit Jody.  Some, right down to snaps that run between the legs for easy diaper changes. Kim found a romper in a light pink. Holding it up for Susan to see she said, “I think this would great for the first few days. We can say it’s the clothes she needs to wear in the office.”

Susan looked up from the rack of clothes she was looking at, “Perfect. That is very cute.”

They ended up purchasing 6  different outfits. There were lots more they wanted to buy, but they decided they should make sure they would fit Jody. The store was not far, so they could return easy enough to purchase some more.

Jody had talked to her landlord. He was very understanding and told her that since she had been such a great tenant,  if she just paid for next month, it would be fine. He told her he would have no problem renting it out. At the factory, her boss was not so happy. Only giving 4 days notice did not sit well with him. He tried to make Jody feel bad, by telling her they had spent money on making it so Jody would be able to reach the line. Jody knew is was only a long wooden box they had made for her. They made it so she could be at the right height to work on the line. It did not bother Jody. She was going to be making almost double what they were paying her there.   Everything was going good. Jody had packed two suitcases and had sold a few of her things at work. One thing about working in a factory. Put something for sale on the board and it only took about 3 hours for someone to call. She had found out about the bus and had called Dr. Wells to inform her that she would arrive at 2pm Saturday.

Susan and Kim stood in the newly renovated bedroom Friday night, holding hands. The pink bed with rails running along each side had been placed in the middle of the back wall. Susan had gotten the measurements for the bed and had her contractor make a wood frame that fit under the bed. The wood frame was painted the same colour as the bed, so it looked like it was all one piece.  The bed was raised up 4 feet.  With the railings on the sides, it would be impossible for little Jody to get in or out of the bed without help. She might be  able to get out,  but with a  lock on the outside of the bedroom door, she would have no place to go anyway. The dresser/change table sat against the wall. They decided to take off the padding and strap for now. It just looked like a large dresser. The sliding closet doors had been fitted with a lock at the top. Both Kim and Susan were tall enough at 5’11” and 6′ 1″, reaching the top was not a issue. It would be a issue for little Jody. She would not be getting into the closest with out one of them being in there. They also had the contractor raise the sink, bathtub and toilet in the bathroom that was directly across the hall from Jody’s new bedroom.  The contractor had worked for 2 days, 18 hours each day, to complete the work. Both Susan and Kim were very pleased at how it had all turned out.

Jody got on the bus Saturday morning early, She wore a pair of jeans she liked the best. It was hard for her to find clothing in her size that did not look like someone 10 years younger should be wearing. The black sweater she picked,  hung low and a was a little big on her, but she liked it. She decided to go bra less, only because she knew it would be uncomfortable wearing the one and only padded bra she owned.   She made sure to leave out her iPod so that she would be able to listen to music on the long 7 hour bus ride. Of course the bus had to stop at a few other places along the way. Plus Jody had to change busses in Toronto.

Susan and Kim could hardly stop from smiling all Friday night.  They made love and they both thought it was the best they ever had. They were both so excited to meet Jody. It really was like adopting a child. They had stayed up talking Friday night about how and what they were going to do. They had a plan. With Susan being a Doctor,  it was going to be easy for them  to get anything they would need, to speed up the process. Turning 22 year old Jody, into their little girl was not going to be a walk in the park, but they figured together, they could pull it off.
Jody switched busses in Toronto with little trouble. If was one time she did not get upset because someone thought she was a little kid. A young man talked to her like she was a 6 year old but  helped her carry her suitcases to the connecting bus. She was becoming  tried from the long day, but was able to keep her eyes open on the hour ride to Waterloo.

Susan and Kim stood waiting for Jody to appear. Finally  a little girl with dark hair walked off the bus and towards where her suitcases were being brought out from under the bus. Susan and Kim walked, almost ran up to Jody.

“Hello Jody?” Susan asked.

Jody turned and looked up at this very pretty woman. She become very shy, very quick. “Yes.”

“I’m Dr. Wells. Its very nice to meet you.”

Jody was trying not to stare, but she was mesmerized  at how beautiful Dr. Wells was. Her blonde hair flowed and she was dressed perfectly. “Uhmmm. Very nice to meet you.”

Kim came to the left side of Susan. “Jody, this is Nurse Smith. She works for me and wanted to come and meet you.”

Kim reached out her hand and Jody did the same. “Nice to meet you Jody.”

Jody looked at Kim and her eyes glazed over. Kim was as pretty as Dr. Wells, only she had dark hair. The to women standing side by side, made Jody feel very small, almost child like.  “Nice to meet you.” Jody replied.

Jody went to pick up her bags but before she could, Susan and Kim took them. The two started walking towards the parking lot. Jody needed  to use the bathroom, but when the two women walked away,  she followed behind.  Susan looked back as if Jody was not going to follow. Jody was right there trying to keep up. Jody was almost in a jog trying to keep up to the  two women that had at least 10 or more inches on her.  They arrived at the truck and Susan opened the back. Susan placed the suitcase in and Kim placed the one she was carrying on top.

“So how was the bus ride?” Kim asked.

“It was okay. Long day.”

“I bet it was a long day. I’m sure you are tired out.”

“I’m a little tired, but I will be okay.”

“We should get you home.” Susan said opening the door behind the drivers seat.

Jody stopped before stepping up into the truck, “Uhmm. How far do we have to go?”

“It will take us about 15-20mins. Why?” Susan replied.

Jody knew her  bladder was not going to hold up, not for that long. She had purchased a sandwich and water in Toronto. The large bottle of water had filled up her small bladder.  “Do you know where the bathroom is here?”

Susan and Kim looked at each other. They smiled and winked. Jody was looking back towards the bus station, hoping  she could spot the bathroom. She did not see the wink. “I’m not sure where it is, but I’m sure we can find it.” Susan held  out her hand, hoping little Jody would take the first step in becoming their little girl.

Jody looked back and up at  Susan. She noticed right away Susan’s extended hand. Her first thought was to just start walking back towards the station, but instead, she placed her hand in Susan’s hand. She hated herself for doing it but she had no time to waste.  Susan had to hold back her excitement as she felt Jody’s hand go inside of her’s.

Kim watched as Susan and Jody walked hand in hand. She brought her hand up to cover the huge smile. It was  like she was smiling at something she should not be smiling at. Kim did not want to stop watching, but she had other plans. Kim opened the back of the truck. She then opened the top suitcase. As luck would have it, right on top was Jody’s purse. Kim took it out and closed the suitcase back up. Kim walked around and placed Jody’s purse under her seat. She made her way  back around the truck so she could watch and see if Susan had little Jody’s hand on the walk back.

Susan walked deliberately slow through the parking lot. She spotted the sign for the bathrooms and quickly turned the other way. Jody was concentrating on her full bladder and was letting Dr. Wells lead the way,  praying they would arrive at  the bathrooms quickly.  The bad part of being the size of a preteen was that it came with the bladder size of a preteen. By the time they walked the longest way possible to the bathroom, Jody was getting beyond  desperate. Susan, out of the corner of her eye, noticed Jody’s free hand find it’s way between her legs.  Susan pulled the door open for the women’s washroom and to Susan’s delight, there were 5  women standing just inside the doorway. Jody walked into the back of  Susan, not expecting her to stop so quick. Jody looked around Susan and let out a ‘sigh’ when she saw the line up. Jody’s hand pressed harder into her crotch. Susan looked down at Jody, hand pressed between her legs and then she started  moving from one foot to the other. Susan held back her smile. Not 10 minutes after meeting Jody, here she was looking like a 4 year old trying very, very hard, not to wet her pants.  She bent down and quietly said, “Are you okay Jody?”

Jody was getting close to losing the battle with her bladder. This has happened a few times before. Okay, well maybe more then a few times.  Trying to sound as mature as she could, she come out with,  “I….I really need to go.” Jody pushed her hand up even harder into her crotch and started to move from one foot to the other much quicker.

Susan decided to come to Jody’s recuse.  She could let little Jody wet her pants right here, but she thought  it would go farther it she helped Jody out and prove to her that Jody could trust her. Susan bent back down to Jody. “Go along with me.”

Jody nodded her head, not caring at this point what happened, as long as she got into the bathroom. Susan squeezed Jody’s hand a little tighter. Stepping to the side of the line up she said, “Excuse me ladies. Would it be possible for my little girl to go next, before it’s to late?”

The  five women turned and looked at Susan, then down at Jody. They all smiled, looking at Jody doing the pee-pee dance.  The lady at  the front of the line, stepped aside. “Oh, yes of course.” Just as one of the 2 stall doors opened and someone walked out. Susan pulled Jody past the line up. “Thank you very much.” Susan said, pulling Jody into the stall. Jody took  her hand out from between her legs. As soon as she did, she felt a little spurt of pee escape into her panties. Susan did not bother closing the door behind them because the door swung in and there was no room for it to swing back closed.  She saw a little wet spot on Jody’s jeans, when Jody pulled up her long baggy sweater to get at the button and zipper of her pants. Susan with out thinking bent down, pushed Jody’s hands away and undid her pants. Susan pulled down Jody’s jeans, along with her panties in one quick motion. Jody pulled up her sweater, backed up a little and sat down on the toilet. As Jody’s pee hit the water below, her faced turned beet red. She did not want to look up at Dr. Wells. She was so embarrassed. Everyday since she was 15,  she has tried very hard not to let herself get into situations that would make her look like a child. But here she was, sitting on the toilet with wet panties and pants.  She let  the women that was going to be her new boss, without saying a word, help her  like she was some kid, just learning  to use the toilet.

Susan stepped back so that she was just outside the stall. She was beaming. It was hard for her not to show it. She was trying not to let it show, but she just could not contain it. Susan knew the second Jody started doing the potty dance a few minutes ago, that her and Kim would have no problems turning this 22 year old, into their little girl.

Susan turned at looked at the lady that had let them skip ahead of the line. “Thanks again for letting her go ahead of you.”

“Oh that’s no problem. I have 4 kids of my own. I know what it’s like when you start potty training. Especially when you are away from home.”

Jody could clearly hear what was being said. How could she let this happen? Not the best way to impress your new boss. She figured she might as well get back on the bus and head back to Ottawa. Hopefully she could get the factory job back. There is no way Dr. Wells wants her around after this.

Story written by neverdry.

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