Jody’s New Job Chapter 2

Story written by neverdry.

Chapter 2.

The rest of the afternoon Jody could hardly focus on her job. A few times she had to stop the line because she had messed up. It happened to everyone, so no one made a big deal out of it. Jody decided she would go to the library right after work. She needed the computer to figure out just how far it was to Waterloo. 5 hours is not to bad. Far enough, but not that far that she could not come back to see her friends once or twice a year.

Susan called her contractor and was happy to find out he could send a crew over in the next couple of days to get Jody’s new room ready. It really just needed some paint and a few other little things done to it. Susan, in-between patients also searched around the internet trying to find all the things her and Kim would need. She was pleasantly surprise to find a store that was located in Waterloo called Rearz. They seemed to have almost everything they would need other then furniture. She called Kim in just after the last patient of the day had left.

“Look what I found.” Susan said, pointing to the Rearz website open on her computer.

“Oh my goodness. Look at all those cute things.”

“And guess what? This place is like 5 minutes from here.”

Susan flipped through pages of diapers, clothing and pacifiers.

“What kind of place is this?” Kim asked.

“It seems to me that it caters to people with a fetish. I read about this in medical school. Some people like to dress and act like babies. I’m a little surprised that a store like this can survive, but it looks to me that it maybe doing very well.”

Kim was a little taken back. She had never heard of such a thing. “I never would have imagined that something like this would exist.”

“Maybe we can head over there in the next couple days and see what we can find.” Susan said, stopping on a picture of a diaper with colorful printed animals on it. “That’s cute.”

“It sure is Susan. But don’t you think it will take some time to get Jody into something like that?”

“You underestimate me my dear. Sure, it will not be 2 days after she arrives. Well at least not during the day anyway.” Susan laughed at her own comment.

Kim smiled and pictured little Jody running around the house wearing her cute animal diaper. “Oh Susan. I’m so excited for this. I can’t believe we are finally going to have a little one to care for.”

“I know. It’s been a long time coming. It’s not exactly what we imagined two years ago, but I think this is going to work out just fine.”

Jody’s phone vibrated in her pocket. She got up from the computer and started walking out towards the hallway of the library. She did not need to get into trouble for talking on her cell phone in the library. It had happened once before and it was something she did not want to happen again.

She had left her purse back at the apartment and had no ID. It was a Saturday morning and she had just got out of bed, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and came down to use the computer. Jody very often would go with out a bra, because the fact was, she really did not need one. Once in a while she would wear a padded bra if she was going out with her friends and there might be a chance she would meet up with a guy.  Her friend had called to see if she was up to going out that night, when the librarian came over and stood beside her. Jody quickly ended the call and the librarian held out her hand, as if Jody was suppose to just  hand over her phone. Jody refused to give the lady her phone and things turned very ugly, fast.

“Young lady, you realize you cannot talk on your phone in here.” the librarian had said.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m sorry. It will not happen again.”

“Please hand me your phone and you can get it once you are ready to leave.”

Jody refused to hand over her phone. She had said she was sorry and that she would not do it again. There was no need to have her phone taken away, like she was a  child.

The librarian had made the assumption that Jody was much younger then she was. That had happened a lot in Jody’s life. Jody got use to it, but it was something that sometimes, really got under her skin.

“Where is your Mommy?” the librarian had asked looking around.

“She’s not here!” Jody said with a tone that she very rarely used and had not since. It had gotten her into trouble before with people that thought she was much younger then she really was.

“So, she dropped you off for story time with out letting anyone know? I’m getting tried of parents that just drop their  kids off, letting them run in here like we are some kind of babysitting service.” the librarian stepped in closer to Jody and took a hold of her wrist. She took her other hand and ripped the cell phone away from Jody.

“Hey, stop it you bitch!” Jody screamed out.

“What did you just say to me?” The librarian pulled Jody up and  out of the chair she was siting in.

Jody looking up at the old hag. “I said, stop it you bitch. I’m 21 years old. Leave me the fuck alone.”

The librarian started walking towards the back of the library with Jody in tow. “Yeah and I’m the mayor. I guess your parents did not teach you any manners young lady. Back in my day, no child would talk to a adult like that.”

Jody looked to see where she was being dragged. At the back of the library there were a bunch of kids sitting and a woman that looked to be a little older then herself,  sitting in a chair, with a book in her hands. The librarian walked onto the carpeted floor. “I have one more for story time.” she said loudly.

It seemed like  all the kids turned  to look. They ranged from about 3 to 10 years of age. There were two other girls that might have been 15 or 16 standing beside the woman sitting in the chair. One of them started walking towards her. She reached out her hand once she got in front of Jody. She was a few inches taller.  “Come on sweetie. Let’s find you a spot to sit.”

Jody was so mad she was about to explode. She looked again at all the little kids staring at her. Something told her that she should not start yelling and throwing out profanities. The young girl took Jody’s hand and the Librarian let go of Jody’s wrist. Jody let the girl lead her to a spot on the carpet. “Have a seat. We just started the story.”

Jody quietly said to the girl. “I don’t belong here. I’m 21 years old.”

The young girl laughed. “Oh sweetie. Stop it. Just sit down and behave.”

Jody wanted to run, but she figured that might make it worse. So she sat down beside a little boy that may have been 6. The young girl let go of Jody’s hand and walked back towards the front.

Jody sat for a few minutes listening to the woman read from a children’s book. She was not paying any attention to what she was reading, but she knew it was something she did not care to hear. She started looking around and noticed that the librarian had left. ‘That bitch still has my phone.’ Jody kept turning to see if she could see the old hag. As Jody was looking around moving to see if she could spot her, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

The young girl had returned and Jody had not noticed. The girl bent down and whispered into Jody’s ear. “Do you need to use the potty?”

First, Jody was startled because she did not see the girl approach her and then she could not believe what the girl had asked. Jody looked like a deer caught in head lights. She said nothing as she looked up at the girl standing over her. She finally shook her head no. But that did not seem to convince the girl. The girl  reached down, taking Jody’s hand once again, easily lifting Jody to her feet,  She was being led off the carpeted area to a doorway in the corner of the library. The girl pushed the door open and pulled Jody inside.  The door closed behind her.

“Listen. This is a big misunderstanding. I just came in to use the computer. I’m telling you, I’m 21 years old. I’m a adault.”

The young girl turned to face Jody. She was grinning. “21 really? And I’m 25. Whatever.  Are you going to use the potty, or are you going to pee in your pants? Or maybe.” The girl reached around Jody placing her hand on Jody’s bum. “You already used your pull-up or are you still in diapers?”

Jody flinched as she felt her ass being grabbed by this much younger girl. Jody had had enough. She pushed the girl, but it seemed the push did not do much as the girl barley moved. “Keep your fucking hands to yourself. I’m telling you for the last time. I’m 21. I live by myself on Main St.”

“You little brat!” The girl yelled. The girl backed up a few steps.  She looked Jody up and down.  Jody could tell she was mad. She could care less. Jody turned to get away. She reached for the door.  She felt her ear getting pulled. She thought her ear might be taken off if she took another step closer to freedom.  “You are not going anywhere Missy.”

Jody had no choice but to turn back towards the girl or risk losing a ear. Tears started to form in Jody’s eyes as the pain was getting worse. The girl finally let go of Jody’s ear and quickly took a hold of both of Jody’s wrist.

Jody with tears in her eyes blurted out, “I’m going to sue all of you!”

To this day she is not sure why,  but the girl let go of her and then pushed her away from the door. “You can do whatever you want. I’m not putting up with this.”  She opened the door and walked out.

Jody stood in the bathroom wiping the few tears that had fallen on her face. She was not going to wait around for something else to happen, so she slowly opened the door and no one was there. She stepped out and started running. She never stopped until she was back at her apartment. It took her a few days to get up enough confidence to  return to the library.  With her ID in hand she returned for her phone.  There was a different lady at the desk that day and she retrieved her phone with out any problems. She did not return to the library for almost a month after that. She never seen that librarian again or the girl that took her into the bathroom.


“Hi Jody it’s Dr Wells. How are you?”

“Good. Thank you.”

“That’s good. Well listen, I have decided that I would like to hire you.”

Jody could not believe it. “That’s great.”

“Just a few things Jody. Would it be possible for you to arrive here on Saturday? I know thats not much time, but I really need for you to start on Monday.”

That was only 4 days from now. How was she going to get everything together in time. “Uhmmm…I should really give my landlord a little bit of notice.”

“I will cover your rent for the month. Don’t worry about that.”

“Really? I will need to find a place to live in Waterloo.”

“I have that covered Jody. You can live with me until you find a place. I have a spare room and we work right out of the house.”

Jody could not believe her luck. “That would be great Ma’am. I promise I will find a place shortly after getting there.”

Susan chuckled along with Kim who was also listening. “You don’t have to worry about that. We can work all  of that out once you arrive. Now, I assume you will be driving down?”

“No Ma’am. I don’t have a car. I will be coming by bus.”

“That’s fine.” No car, ever better Susan thought.  “If you would like to call me with what time you are going to arrive Saturday. I can come and pick you up at the bus station.”

“Okay. I will call you when I know the time. By the way Ma’am, would you be able to tell me what my wage might be to start?”

“I’m sorry. I guess I did get a little a head of myself. You will be starting at $23.00 a hour. Is that okay.”

Jody almost dropped the phone. $23.00 bucks a hour. She was only making $12.50 in the factory. “That is great.” Jody could not stop smiling. She did a little dance. Then looked around to see if anyone was around.

“Oh that’s good. Give me a call when you know when you are going to arrive. We will work on getting you out of your lease on your apartment once you get here.”

“Okay. This sounds good. Thank you Ma’am.”

“No, thank you Jody. Looking forward to meeting you. Bye.”

“Bye.” Jody slipped her phone in her pocket. She was so happy. Maybe the happiest she had been in many, many years. $23.00 a hour. Wow. I will be able to by a car. Get some nice furniture. She was picturing all the things she was going to be able to do. Jody went back to the computer. She needed to find out the bus schedule.

Susan pressed the button on the phone to end it. Kim stood from sitting on the edge of Susan’s desk. “Are you ready to head upstairs now?” Kim asked.

“I sure am.” Susan replied.

“I like how she calls you Ma’am. Hopefully soon it will be Mama.”.  Both women laughed and made there way upstairs.

Story written by neverdry.

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