Can’t Reach Part 1

Can't Reach Part 1It was a normal play day for Foxy. He have spend all afternoon playing whit his cars and was not so happy when his mother walk into the nursery around seven a clock and sad it is time for bed. Foxy would like to play some more whit his cars and he thought to himself when he was waddling over to the changing table so his mother could change his wet diaper. Way is it always time for bed or a diaper change when you have the most fun? His mother changing his soaked wet diaper and put on the extra thick night diaper together whit his favorite footed sleeper whit some nice emergency print on. This night see also decided the Foxy need to wear his harness so he dont can try get out of the crib to play. If he try that he maybe hurt himself when he try to escape.

Soon after Foxy discovered that she have forgot to give him his favorite Pikachu plush. He try to get it himself but the harness make it impossible to reach.

What should Foxy do?

Draw by Fangthefox

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