Paddled for Potty Monster Nonsense

Paddled for Potty Monster Nonsense“The Potty Monster Chronicles”

Part Eight: ‘Paddled for Potty Monster Nonsense’

Caiden’s spanking had just ended as Foxy’s mom walked in and Caiden quickly got up from Foxy’s lap and waddled to Foxy’s mother with his fire engine red butt and hugged her legs.

“I-I-Im-m-m-aa soww-w-wy Mrs. Fox…I w-wont use dah p-potty c-cause of da potty m-m-monstah again…whahaa…” apologized Caiden as he buried his face into Foxy’s mother’s jeans and cried

“Foxy! What have I told you about this ‘Potty Monster’ nonsense!? I thought that I made it clear that there was no such thing.” asked Foxy’s mother furiously as she picked up Caiden and tried to calm him down.

“B-but I foughted it yesterday!…and-and Tommy got eated by it too!” stuttered Foxy nervously

“*Sigh* As I told you yesterday, that wasn’t a monster. That part of the potty was just making noise because of the water pressure, and Tommy didn’t get eaten by a potty monster. They moved across town.” revealed Foxy’s mom

“S-s-so dere’s no such ting asa ‘Potty Monster’?…*sniff!*” sniffled Caiden

“Of course not honey.” said Foxy’s mom soothingly as she wiped his tears away, “Tell you what, in a few minutes I’ll put you back in your Pull-Ups and we’ll go downstairs and have a treat since this was all a misunderstanding.”

“Otay.” said Caiden as he started to feel better as he was set down.

“Oh boy! A tweat!-” exclaimed Foxy as he was stopped by his mother.

“Not so fast young man.” Said his mother sternly as she picked him up and sat down on the stool, “You know better than to spread silly little stories about the ‘Potty Monster’ after I explained it to you yesterday. You also ABSOLUTELY know better than to punish anyone. You are not a grown up and we’ve had that talk before as well.”

“I’m sowwy momma. I’ll never do it again…Can we go have the treat now…?” whined Foxy as his mother laid him over her lap, pulled his diaper down, and grabbed the furbrush.

“No sir, what I think you need is a long meeting with the furbrush and an even longer nap.” said Foxy’s mom as she started to paddle her son.


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by tato

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