Paddled for Potty Monster Disobedience

Paddled for Potty Monster Disobedience“The Potty Monster Chronicles”

Part Seven: ‘Paddled for Potty Monster Disobedience’

Foxy returned with the furbrush to the Time-Out corner where Caiden was at.

“Stand up.” commanded Foxy to Caiden as Caiden stood up shakily and Foxy sat down.

“Now Caiden, you knows dat it is very dangerous tah use our potty cause of dah potty monstah. Dat’s why you were put in diapees. So now you dun even need tah worry bouts tryin’ tah make it to dah potty.” explained Foxy as he untaped one of the tabs of Caiden’s diaper and pulled it to his knees “Since you wied and broke your promise abouts not using da potty AND didn’t wisten to an older cub, I haves no choice but to ‘pank you with dah furbrush.”

“NONOnono…..Pwease Foxy….I’ll nevah do it’s again…” pleaded Caiden as Foxy forced him over his lap.

“You know dat you get ‘pankins with dah furbrush when you wie and were very very naughty today. We’re gonna make sure you nevah do dis again.” lectured Foxy as he brought the furbrush down on Caiden’s unprotected bottom three times.


“OWOWie….oh…pwease Foxy…OWIE!” whimpered Caiden as each spank hurt more than the next.

“Dat was very VERY naughty of yous Caiden. You coulda got hurts or eated. Ima gonna ‘pank your butts good!” said Foxy as he continued to spank Caiden harder.


“AH!OWOWOWO!!….whaaan..Oof-I’m sowwy….WHWWWHhaaa….” cried Caiden as his butt was turning bright red from Foxy’s furbrush.

“I’m afwaid dat ima gonna havetah tell my mommy an your mommy bout how you didnt wisten and wied. Dere gonna make sure you’re in diapees wike me forevah!” threatened Foxy as he finished with three final swats.


…Moments earlier, Foxy’s mom had just finished her conversation with her neighbor and came back inside. As she entered she heard slaps and cries from Caiden. She hurried upstairs just in time for Foxy to finish spanking Caiden who was now wearing a diaper instead of the Pull-Up he was wearing earlier.

“What’s going on here!!” exclaimed Foxy’s mom as she glared at her son.

-End Part Seven

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by tato

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