Loss of Pull-Ups Privileges

Loss of Pull-Ups Privileges“The Potty Monster Chronicles”

Part Four: ‘Loss of Pull-Ups Privileges’

Caiden gulped as he was told that he was going to be punished. He know that he was naughty about breaking his promise and not obeying an older cub. He still didn’t want to get in trouble at a friend’s house. His mommy and daddy really don’t like that when that happens.

“The first part of your punishment will be’s tah put yous back in diapees wike me.” announced Foxy, “We’re gonna make sure dat you can’t just pull your Pull-Ups down and use da potty. Now go and get one of my diapees from da changin’ table and bwing it tah me.”

Caiden whimpered to himself as he heard Foxy say ‘First Punishment’. Caiden and Foxy both went back to the nursery where they were playing earlier. Caiden waddled over to the changing table while Foxy stood in the middle of the room tapping his foot impatiently. Caiden soon waddled back with a diaper and presented it to Foxy.

“Now way down so I can change yous into it.” demanded Foxy as he pointed to the floor “I dun twust you tah put it on yourselfs.”

Caiden begrudgingly complied.

-End Part Four

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by tato

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