Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – Baby powder Scented

tigerino_canada_babypuderduft_1000x1000px_0Continuation of Product Description:
Continuation of Product Description:
It binds odours gently and efficiently and has a gentle baby-powder scent – which makes it a pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Tigerino Canada Clumping Litter at a glance:

Especially fine, natural clay granules with Highly absorbent, very economical
4 x more efficient than conventional litter, very high absorbency
Clumps immediately and very effectively (350% absorbency)
99 % dust-free very low in dust
Gentle baby-powder scent from natural oils (no powder) binds odours, long-lasting
100% natural: made with pure, high quality clay – free from any kind of chemical additives

The dirty litter forms rapidly into small clumps. This helps to keep the rest of the litter fresh and dry. Regular removal of clumps with a litter scoop will keep it hygienically fresh.


I have never heard of cat litter that has this type of scent. It is going to be awesome to try it out.

You can order the product here: http://www.zooplus.com/

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