Potty Monster Strikes!

Potty Monster Strikes!“The Potty Monster Chronicles”

Part Two: ‘Potty Monster Strikes!’

As soon as Caiden sat down on the toilet he realized that he forgot to pull his Pull-Ups down.

‘Silly me’ thought Caiden as he tried to readjust on the toilet.

Suddenly, Caiden slipped and his backside fell right into the toilet making him stuck. This naturally made Caiden panic a little and with Foxy’s stories about a Potty Monster, Caiden started to freak out.

“Help me Foxy! Help me! Da Potty Monstah is twyin’ tah eat me!” shouted Caiden frantically as he tried to get out of the toilet.

Foxy heard his friends screams from the other room and ran to help Caiden.

“Dun worry Caiden! Ima coming!” shouted Foxy as he ran into the bathroom.

Foxy pulled a stepstool over and pull Caiden to safety and away from the toilet.

-End Part Two

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by tato

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