Lecture Time

Lecture Time“The Potty Monster Chronicles”

Part Three: ‘Lecture Time’

“Are yous ok? Are you hurts? Did he gets you?” asked Foxy frantically as he was worried about his friend who was just attacked by the potty monster.

“Ima ok. Tanks for savin’ me…” shivered Caiden as he was a little shaken up from that near death experience.

“What were you tinking Caiden!?” asked Foxy in a much different, much angrier tone than he had moments ago, “You coulda gots hurted or eated!”

“I knows, I knows…I jus wanted tah use da potty wike a big boy so-” replied Caiden before he was cut off by the Fox

“Didn’t I tells you not tah use da potties cause of da potty monstah!?” interrupted Foxy as he crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

“Well, yeah….but I wanted a candy for using da potty and…and…I didnt believe you at first…” replied Caiden quietly as he started to notice the significant water weight that his Pull Up tacked on from when he fell in.

“So you knews dat you weren’t supposed to use dah potty after I tolds you not to and you did it anyways?” asked Foxy irritably

“Yes….I-I didnt believe yous!….but I do now…” answered Caiden as he stood there guiltily and soaked from the waist down.

“Well Ima dah older cub an’ my daddy made me ‘Man of da House’ since he went out of town. So dat means Ima da boss of dis house an’ I knows what’s best.” lectured Foxy “You even pwomised dat you wouldn’t use da potty and use your Pull-Ups.”

“I’m sowwy Foxy….I wont do it’s again.” apologized Caide

“That’s wight you won’t do it’s again young man.” lectured Foxy in a ‘big boy’ voice “First you didn’t wisten to me, den you lied to me about pwomising to use your Pull-Ups. You’re in big twouble Caiden. Since momma’s outside, Ima gonna haveta punish you.”

-End Part 3

Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by tato

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