John’s Regression Part 13 to 14

Story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 13

Now in a fresh diaper, I was feeling much better. We walked into the kitchen, where the fowl smell of my last diaper was still present in the air.

My mom opened the fridge and filled a bottle with the cold brown liquid.

“Here you go baby” she said while handing me the cool bottle.

I took it from her hands and began to walk back upstairs. Crinkle, my diaper cushioned me as I plopped down on the floor of my room and put the bottle in my mouth. I lay on my back looking blankly at the ceiling and as I sucked down the cool refreshing liquid, I thought about the events that had occurred earlier, “I still cannot believe that not once, but twice I have filled my diapers. Why could I not hold it for a short twenty minutes? How hard could that be for someone of my age? Though, somehow I feel that it was not entirely my fault, the high chair got stuck. Does it really matter that I messed my diaper? Mom did say that it was an accident and it was okay to fill my diapers, she even encouraged it. It was not that bad of a feeling. Once I mushed it around and got comfortable, it was not unbearable. Thought the smell was awful” Hisssss, the front of my diaper began to grow warmer and expand interrupting my train of though. The liquid flowed past my crotch and straight to my rear due to the position I was in. I finished the bottle with a loud Burrpp. “That was enjoyable” I thought as I grabbed my nice pacifier put it in my mouth and began to suck on it. I rolled over onto my stomach with a squish from my crotch pushing against the sodden diaper, and began to crawl to my toys. “I can only imagine how I look right now” I thought as I giggled and went to go play with my blocks and fire engine.

Ding Dong, the sound of the doorbell startled me out of my play. “I wonder who that could be?” I thought as I got up and waddled to see who it was when my mom answered it.

“Please sign here miss”

“Sure thing”

“Thank you, these two are both fairly heavy, while that one is not to bad. Be careful”

“Will do” my mom replied as the delivery man left.

“So, what did you get in the mail mom?” My mom jumped at the sound of my voice.

“Oh, you startled me baby” my mom said in a surprised voice while catching her breath.

“Remember earlier how I was saying that my back was having issues with bending over to change you”

“Ya” I replied now having a guilty feeling in my stomach.

“This will help with that a lot” she said while opening the door wider so I could see the large cardboard box that she was gesturing toward.

“Wow that is a big box mom, do you need any help with it?”

“As a matter of fact, that would be very nice sweety. If you could help get both of the large boxes up to my room that would be great” she said in a loving tone as she moved to one end of the box.

I squatted, sticking my warm diapered behind out and grabbed the other end and lifted. We carried it up to my moms room.

“We will get the other box later” she said panting.

“Sounds like a plan”

“You want to go watch some TV while I set this up?”

“Sure” I said as I walked down the stairs and lay on the couch. I turned on my new favorite show Sesame Street and relaxed. My eye lids along with my diaper began to get heavier and heavier until I was out.

“John, baby, it is almost time for dinner” my mom said as she gently nudged me awake.

“You could use a change” she said noticing the sodden state of my warm moist diaper.

“But first can you help me with the other box”

“Sure thing” I said with a yawn.

I got up and began to sort of waddle toward the front door, with my sagging diapers sloshing from side to side. I squatted like before and was ready to lift.

“This one is a bit heavier so be careful. Ready, lift” she said.

I began to pull up and grunted as I lifted the box when suddenly, Blart, I let out short fart and then plop, I felt a small warm sticky pebble land in the seat of my already sagging diaper. “Did I just… I need to focus on moving this right now” I thought as we moved the box into my moms room and set it down.

“Where is the other box?” I said, still feeling the small now cooling pebble in my rear.

“I set it up in your room. It would be easier in the mornings and evenings”

“What is this box for then?” I said as the mild stench of what had landed in my diaper reached my nose.

“Smells like someone could use a change” she said sniffing the air as she went around to my back and pulled open the waistband of my pampers.

I blushed and began to say, “I don’t know what happened, I was just lifting…”

“It is fine baby, lets get you changed” We then proceeded up to my room when I saw it.

“Mom is that a baby changing table? Like in a nursery?” I said in shock.

“Well it is a bit bigger than those. It is not for babies. It is just so I can change you with more ease” she said with a chuckle as she began to lift me by my arms and with a squash as the small pebble became a small pancake, she sat me on the cold plastic covered cushion. As I began to lay down, my mom put my pacifier in my mouth and began to change me.

Chapter 14

My mom was humming happily with a large comforting smile on her face as she ripped the tapes off.

“Thank you again baby for helping me move those boxes”

I took out my pacifier and said “No problem, what was the other box for?” I said recalling the box from earlier, while she began wiping off the mush from my rear.

Ignoring my question, she replied with her own question, “Do you want to go to the park tomorrow? I don’t have much work to do”

“That does sound better then sitting around in a wet diaper all day. But, people could see me, normally at a place like the zoo or mall I would not be recognized because of the large amount of people. But at a local park, someone from school could see me dressed like a toddler in a wet diaper. I don’t know if I could do that… but a day at the park would be fun and would get me out of the house” I thought as my mother began applying cream.

“While your thinking about that, there is one other thing” she said semi nervously as she reached for a fresh diaper.

“You have been going through a lot of pampers, and I have been having to change you very frequently” she said as I got a glimpse at the large, white, new diaper.

“Pampers were not designed for someone your age. I thought since the local store did not have any in your size that there were not any. However, after some research online, I stumbled upon these” she continued as she unfolded the diaper. It was massive, much bigger than the pampers I had been wearing.

“This should not leak and should last you more than one wetting” she said as she put it under my rear. She finished taping it up and I sat up.

“This is so thick” I thought as I looked down at the front of my diaper.

“I am going to miss you Elmo” I thought as the shiny blank white face of my diaper stared back at me.

“Another plus, I do not have to double diaper you” my mom added as she helped me down.

Crinkle, I attempted to squeeze my legs together, but with no luck, the diaper was simply to thick. This diaper had to have been half an inch thick.

“Well, how are they?” my mom said with a slight chuckle after noticing my awkward standing position.

“They are a little thick”

“Well they are designed for bigger people and the larger amount of water they drink. Now, lets get you into your pajamas while I go get dinner started”

“But it is so early”

“Yes, but wouldn’t you be more comfortable in your nice soft and cozy pajamas?”

“I can’t argue with that” I said as she got out my blue footed sleeper.

She helped me into the soft fuzzy sleeper and zipped up the back. The warmth encased me like a plush blanket. I waddled downstairs like a sumo wrestler and went to get on the couch and watch TV while my mom cooked dinner.

I could not really focus on the TV though, I was to interested in the new diaper that I had on.

Crinkle, I gave it a poke.

“This is definitely going to stand out” I thought as I looked at the cleared outline of the bulge.

“Then again, what do I care” I thought.

“Dinner is ready baby” My mom said with a smile.

“I’ll be right there mom” I replied with a smile as I waddled into the kitchen.

Dinner was fairly uneventful until, Hissss, I could feel my crotch becoming warmer, an all to familiar feeling. But instead of pooling around my rear, the warm liquid was quickly absorbed by the padding in the crotch of the thick white diaper. It bulged out further, causing my legs to spread apart even more.

“Well at least they won’t leak” I thought while finishing my plate. I stood up, wobbled a bit from the huge mass of fluff and urine between my legs, and waddled over to the couch. I stared down at the bulging white mass between my legs, “I wonder how much this could hold?” I thought as I turned on the TV. Soon, I began to get tired again and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

Story is written by abdl5622

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