John’s Regression Part 1 to 2

Story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 1

“John!” my mother exclaimed, “John! Wake up its nearly noon.”

“So much for it being summer” I thought,

I slowly started to wake up as the warm sunshine pierced through my windows. However, my bed felt cold…”Dammit! Wet again” I exclaimed. This was the third time this week and it was only Wednesday.

“Did you wet the bed again dear?” my mother asked,

In a panicked state I had to make a decision on whether or not to tell her the truth. I had made up my mind sort of.

“Maybe” I sheepishly replied,

“John, sweety, this is the third time this week and this has been going on for almost two weeks now,” my mother soothingly replied.

I began to respond, “I know but…”

but was cutoff by my mother.

“John I am going to call the doctor and see if he can get you in this afternoon,”

“Ok” I replied

“Change into some dry clothes and place your sheets and clothes by the washer” she said

I shamefully gathered my sheets and clothes and then took a nice long shower. Frustrated I thought, “Come on John you are fifteen not two why are you pissing yourself?”

I turned the water off and got dressed. “Now what to do with my day?” I pondered trying to get my mind off the events of this morning. “video games of course”, Not really having anything better to do with my time I turned on my computer and started playing games until I was interrupted by my mom,

“John, I have good news, the doctor managed to fit us in today”

Good news for her maybe but I kind of wanted to avoid the subject.

Embarrassed I replied, “Cool”

“I know it is embarrassing sweety but we need to take care of this” my mom soothed

“I know” I replied

“We can get ice cream afterward, how does that sound?” she said.

“That sounds great mom” I replied. in a much better mood. I enjoyed ice cream and it was always nice to get to spend some time with my mom doing fun things like that.

“Lets get going” my mom said while grabbing the car keys.


Chapter 2

“Make sure you use the bathroom before we leave,” my mother reminded.

“I don’t have to go,”

“Are you sure? Could you at least try for me” my mom kindly asked.

“Sure, I will try,” I replied. She has been so nice about all of this even if she was treating me like I was a child. Although I kind of enjoyed it oddly.

“Thanks sweety,” she gratefully replied.

Oddly enough I did have to go. But why didn’t I feel it? I left these questions in the back of my mind and went with my mom to the doctors office. The doctor’s office smelled like disinfectant. I was not the biggest fan of the doctors office.

“John, the doctor will see you know,” the receptionist called out.

I went in with my mom and sat down. The doctor came in shortly after.

“So, John your mom said that you have been having problems with wetting the bed? It is a normal issue that many young boys your age face. Normally, it occurs earlier on but I guess you are just a late bloomer. I will run some tests to be sure but there is not really anything I can do to fix this. It will take care of itself on its own,” the doctor explained.

After he ran some tests he asked to speak to my mom in private and they whispered a few things back and forth. Then they both turned back to me.

“Good to see you again John” the doctor said as he left.

“Ok John, we can leave now” my mother said while walking toward the door.

“To get ice cream?” I eagerly asked.

“Yes, but I have to my a quick stop first at the drug store, but you can wait in the car” she answered.

“Sure” I replied

I got in the car with her and we left. Soon we arrived at the drug store and she went in and in ten minutes she came out with two bags one with a large square box but I did not pay much attention to it. She put them in the back and got in.

“All done sweety” she happily said.

“Awesome” I replied.

We then soon arrived at the ice cream store. We got out of the car and went in. The bell ringed as we entered the brisk shop.

“What would you like?” the cashier asked.

“I would like one scoop of vanilla” I replied. The man grabbed a cone and plopped one scoop of vanilla ice cream in it and handed it to me. I eagerly took a lick as my mom paid for it. We soon returned to the car and began home.

“Thank you mom” I said.

“No problem sweety, thank you for being a good sport about the whole issue. Speaking of which I would like to talk to you when we get back,” she replied

Feeling nervous and curious I replied sheepishly “Ok”

“Do not worry you are not in trouble,” she reassured.

We arrived back home soon after and she wiped my mouth of ice cream. We went inside and she brought the bags from the drug store into the kitchen and began to make dinner. Forgetting about the conversation that we were suppose to have I went upstairs and played some more video games until.

“John, time for dinner” my mother called up.

“Cool, I will be right down mom” I replied back

I went down and we both sat at the table and ate together. After dinner she asked for me to come into the kitchen and sit down.

“John, this is going to be difficult for you but I am getting tired of doing laundry every morning and you have not been getting a good nights rest. The doctor said that you should wear some protection. Unfortunately, because of your small size, none of the adult products will fit you. However, this does make finding um protection that will fit you not that hard” she said as she lifted a package of pampers size 6 disposable diapers onto the table. Still a bit in shock I sat there in silence as she continued. “We should probably go over some new rules regarding this um situation. First rule, I will be changing you…” She began saying as I cut her off.

“I think I would be able to change myself and first off aren’t those for babies, they even have pictures of Elmo on the front. Mom do I really need those?”

“Sweety I know this is a lot to take in but you think of how nice it will be to be able to sleep through the night and not having to wake up in a wet bed?” she began to explain.

“I suppose it would be nice to wake up in a dry bed. But why do you have to change me. Can’t I change myself?” I questioned. I was beginning to accept my fate of diapers. I mean how bad could it be. No one would have to know and who knows I might even come to like them. I did always miss being a kid and having everything be easier and simpler.

“Sweety, it would be easier for the both of us if I changed your diapers. I was changing your diapers for three years, I can still do it today. You also would probably forget something like powder or mess up the taping which would cause a leak or cause you to get a rash. No offense, it just takes some experience,” my mother explained.

“This would just be easier for the both of us. Ok sweet.”

“Well this is awkward, my mom changing my diapers. I mean for a baby this is normal but I am 15 years old. Though it might be nice to have my mom baby me a little. Who knows. Still though… You know what I will give it a shot. I mean it can’t be all that bad right?” I thought about it for a second and then had my answer.

“Sure mom” I replied.

“Thank you for being so cooperative, I know this must be tough for you honey” my mother soothed

“Oh and one more thing, please do not take off your diaper yourself. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to use the bathroom, just wake me up and I will take off your diaper. It would be easier if you didn’t try and incorrectly re-diaper yourself and cause a wet bed,” my mother added.

“Ok mom” I replied, not really thinking about what that statement actually meant. I just went back to playing video games for a bit then went to watch TV.

Story is written by abdl5622

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