Change at the Park

Change at the ParkThis is a flashback to when Kyle was two years old. His father was off of work on that day and decided to give his wife a break by taking the young toddler to the park. They had a great time running around the park, climbing on the playground, swinging on the swings, and so on and so forth. Everything was going great until Kyle suddenly stopped and squatted down to relieve himself. Mike noticed and went to grab the pup to go and change him. The fun ended there for Mike as the only thing he disliked about watching his little bundle of joy was the poopy diapers. Mike reluctantly brought Kyle over to one of the picnic benches and proceeded to clean his son up while Kyle was just as happy as can be. After the deed was done, Mike set his son down and they went back to their daddy/son day.

Kyle and text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes i can understand Mike it is newer fun to change a messy diaper. It is all so stinky and messy around the diaper area so it take some time to get that part clean.

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