In big trouble! Part 4

In big trouble! Part 4

´It was late afternoon and the school bell rang,as every student in the school ,each of them were heading home,including the twins!

But when the twins were at the door, Matt was waiting there with a big grin!

Matt:”Good afternoon my children! I have not forgotten what happened yesterday, your laughters and mockery!When I was dressed like a baby!Well, my decision was made and  now I want each of you to turn around  and face the wall!”

Sammy:”Sorry daddy!”
Matt:”Apology isn’t accepted yet!”
Remi:”I’m innocent! Sammy is  the one to blame!”
Matt:”Both of you!”

And as you have seen, the twins were punished first and then humiliated in the corner … dressed like babies!These twins learned the lesson in  the hard way!Never mess with your dad,boys!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Sammy and Remi but i think that Matt gave them the punishment they deserved special when they was laughing at him the other day.

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