In big trouble! Part 1,2 & 3

In big trouble! Part 1

The boss was really angry with Matt!It seems that Matt made some mischief and mess in the  boss’s  company and it seems too that Matt couldn’t handle and even worse, a new  merchandise with  diapers was  still lost!

That night the boss spoke very seriously with Matt and his decision was:”Tomorrow we will resolve this issue in my office!But today,undoubtedly, you have earned a good bedtime spanking,Matt!”

In big trouble! Part 2
And as the boss said, Matt’s punishment  was applied quickly!He was spanked hard and soundly!And an opportunity that the twins would take advantage!They had their cameras ready to take some pictures!

In big trouble! Part 3One thing  that the boss said that Matt would do for three days and during the afternoon is that Matt would be sitting in a corner, punished (spanked again)and wearing a diaper!Thus his punishment would be completed and fulfilled!And simultaneously embarrassing!
But every time the twins were coming from school and watching their father in that position, was a delightful  fun for them!

Matt:”Very funny!Ha,ha!”^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Matt it sounds like he have end up in a very embarrassing situation this time and it all ends being force to wearing a nothing else then a diaper and have a pacifier around your neck. And being force to sit down in the time out corner and have the twins Sammy and Remi to laugh at you.

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