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Here is some of my selected news that i would like to mentioning from the ABULive Twitter Event. You can find more news here: http://news.abuniverse.com/live/


2) All White diapers!

Another 4 tape design, able to hold 4k-4.5kML of liquid. It’s nice to have an alternative to Biancos and Dry 24/7s.

CPtHtb6VEAENne0The space themed diapers were designed by Marci Mc Adams (No surprise there), but they are ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ADORABLE. They also will have wetness indicators- the aliens on your diaper must be defeated by peeing on them. I will more than enjoy killing aliens. I would also note that they are apparently able to contain 5000ML worth of liquid. They’re also a 4 tape design- which is good, because they’re easier to adjust and make for a better fit on adults.


 tumblr_nv7hanAc4A1s1fswno1_1280Little Pawz diapers. They’re supposed to be some sort of reskin of the outer-space themed diapers, but they seem really REALLY cute. Amazingly timed for Thursday night at Rainfurrest. I’m sure alllllll the fuzzbutts have their butts in a fuzz right now. :D


Here was some off the announcement from the ABULive twitter event.

You can check out there twitter page for more information: https://twitter.com/ABUDiapers

Sounds like it can be a very interesting fall.

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