One trip to the mall later

One trip to the mall laterA “flat tire situation” is Kyouka’s euphemism for a leaking diaper. Rather Like BabyStar She has a little trouble getting the word “diaper” out.
Kyouka does intentionally forget her bag a LOT, she won’t admit it openly but she rather enjoys the embarrassment as long as it’s friends doing it, And Dakota is VERY aware of this. Often teasing her about being a baby and playing along though he always makes sure to have a spare for her in his bag, along with the other accoutrements to facilitate changes while out and about.

Draw, text and other: emeritus_terciel


Poor girl it is not so fun to forget the diaper bag when you have end up whit a leaking diaper in public and i can understand that Dakota suspect something when Kyouka always seems to forget the diaper bag.

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