My New Life in Diapers Book 9 – Not So Manly Any More

coverPetey’s diapered humiliation continues at the hands of his dominant wife/mommy. Steph has started a new ABDL business with Caroline, Brenda and others, and Petey is the new mascot! Forced to come to terms with accepting his new life, he is brought to deeper levels of emasculation. Petey is brought to realize that he really isn’t a man anymore as he is feminized and has his potty training undermined to even deeper levels. The story continues, setting the stage for further adventures to come!
Includes intense scenes of femdom, humiliation, diaper play, adult diapers, forced messing, sexual situations, and a darker side to ABDL play. This story does not contain minors and is about consenting adults playing in the realm of fetish and ABDL play.

The story can be order here.

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