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Diaper Company - wittlesissybaby“Listen up pledges! I see you have all completed your first assignment to acquire and wear an adult diaper, so now let’s get to the ground rules.  In order to become a member of the prestigious Delta Iota Kappa Fraternity, you little babies must prove you are worthy.  For the next two months, you will be wearing a diaper 24/7.  You will also use your diaper for every single call of nature.

Once you have used your diaper like the little baby you are, you must walk down the street with your messy diaper exposed, and knock on the door of the Theta Iota Theta Sorority.  You must then convince one of the girls to change your diaper, though I can assure you it will never happen if you don’t ask in perfect baby talk.

Any pledge caught using a toilet, not wearing a diaper, or changing their own diaper, will forfeit their chances of becoming a member.  All beverages must be consumed through a baby bottle, and all food must be mushed up enough so that it can be eaten with a baby spoon.  And as always, you must follow ANY order given by a Delta brother or a Theta sister.  Is that understood babies?”

All: “YES SIR!”

Source: wittlesissybaby.tumblr.com

Loots of cute diaper boys :)

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