Diaper brothers

Diaper brothersThe three friends Foxy, rexam-1 and hdofu are good friend and they have spend allot off time together. They have come up whit a secret club that calls: The Diaper brothers. They have a mission and agreement that they always should wear diapers and use them and newer get potty trained. Because they dont wont to end up whit the potty monster adn they rather prefer to use there diaper and get changed.

But recently they have notes that Foxys diapers is most of the time dry and not wet like there diapers are. So they have come to a conclusion that they think Foxy is trying to be a big boy and use the potty instead of his diaper that they have agree on.

So they setup a trap for Foxy there hdofu is holding his paws behind his back and rexam-1 is going to empty a baby bottle whit water inside his diaper so his mother should think that he is not ready for potty training yet.

But what they did dent know is that Foxy have end up whit some bad diaper rash so that was the reason that he spend so match time in dry diapers. Foxy try to tell them that but like you see it did not work.

So soon is Foxy is going to stand there whit a wet diaper like they do.

Draw by Kiuro

Cubs: hdofu rexam-1 and me.

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