New Warp My Mind audio files 2015-07

Bladder Relapse

Description: This is my most dangerous work yet I think. Consider carefully before listening to this. Mostly aimed at bladder control, but may invariably cause messing as well.

Uncontrollable pee pants

Description: This file was simply made for a friend. She utterly begged me to help her with her desire. And in Her own words. Thank you, In under a week. I woke up in the morning completely wet. Totally happy and shamelessly satisfied. Please understand. This file is very powerful. And you should never listen while driving, or doing anything dangerous. And make sure to listen with head phones. For the ultimate effect. Happy wetting.


Description: This file links the powerful word remarkable with your need to wear and use diapers naturally. You may like watching this for an even better understanding of the file.

Scat Feeder – Dominant

Description: This a companion for my submissive elsan waste disposal extreme file. I may upload the submissive version but it was custom for my interests and has elements that listeners should inspect with caution. This one encourages extreme pleasure from the act of forcefeeding and domination. I use multiple channel audio and sound effects to introduce subliminal type effects. However, note undetectable messages have not been proven to have any effect therefore everything in this file is detectable even though you may not have attention time to parse all of it consciously. This is my own work using Audacity and a phone to record – therefore I offer it freely.

You find the files on Warp My Mind website.

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