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Argi and the bullies part 1 and 2

Argi and the bullies part 1
Argi is going to a new school, one where all the students wear diapers and school-girl outfits (so it’s easier to notice when the students are wet and even easier to change, of course)
Unfortunately for Argi he runs into some bullies who decide to put him through a little hazing ritual in the changing room. They grab some diapers and start wrapping them around the raccoon when they hear the door start to open. not wanting to be caught the bullies shove Argi in the diaper pail, just in time for them, as a teacher walks in and scolds them for being in the changing room after class has started. Quickly one of the bullies presses the button to empty out the pail, so that they wont be caught…

Order and text by Not_original77

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17360600/

Poor Agri he always seems to end up in this type of situation when he get thrown in a diaper pail together whit some use diapers. That i bet is very well use to before they change them.

Argi and the bullies part 2Argi struggles in the diaper pail, trying to get out when he hears a sucking and slurping sound, the emptying mechanism has started!
He can’t even hope to escape as he is sucked down a tube with all the other diapers to be taken to the diaper bailing machine in the basement. The school is very large and lots and lots of students make lots of wet diapers! so all that padding is compressed and wrapped up to be shipped to the recycling plant later.
Argi’s class was going to take a field trip there later to see how it worked, but now Argi would get to learn first hand.

Order and text by Not_original77

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17360646/

Poor Argi i can understand that is not so match fun to learn about this first hand together whit all the wet and soggy diapers from all the student and i bet the smell most be horrible to. wounder if someone is going to find him?

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