Diaper change at the shopping mall

When you take your adult baby out for some nice afternoon shopping you maybe think that you dont need to worry about to handle any diaper change in a place like that. You maybe think that he is  going to be a big boy there and dont use his diaper that match that you need to change him in the mall changing room that you need to do sometime whit normal babys. But there is what you are wrong a true adult baby use his diaper at the same way in the mall that he do at home and that means that you need to have your changing bag whit you and that you are prepared to change wet and messy diaper in the malls changing room for big babys. And like all baby Foxy love to sucking on his pacifier and cuddling whit his Pikachu plush during the change.

It is normal for Foxy to use his diaper when he is in baby mode.

 Foxy dry diaper———————————————

Foxy Exposed——————————————————–

Foxy Messy—————————————————-

Foxy WetDraw by TakOttah

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