Stuntman Career Over

Stuntman Career OverOne hot Summer’s morning the Smith family the Smith household was up and at ’em. The boys (Caiden and Kyle) were both home because it was Summer Vacation from school and they were driving Cheryl up a wall. Finally, Cheryl shooed her little ones to go play outside while it was still somewhat nice out. Kyle went outside and went to go kick his soccer ball around while Caiden followed after a quick diaper change. Cheryl let Caiden play outside in his diaper and t shirt because of the heat that day. Caiden noticed that Kyle seemed quite content playing by himself so Caiden went and grabbed his tricycle. Caiden put on his helmate and got on his tricycle and started riding around the driveway. Caiden thought he was hot stuff because he started to ride his tricycle in the dirt patch next to the driveway and hopping over the little bumps. After a few runs through the dirt, the inevitable happened. To reasons unknown to this day, Caiden managed to wipe out on his tricycle and skinned his knee. Initially it was a shock and he felt fine…that is until he saw his knee. ‘oh no!’ he thought. How will he ever ride his tricycle again?!…No, better yet, how will he walk again? His stuntman career was definitely over now. The tears started flowing and the crying shortly followed that. Cheryl, who was watching from the window saw what happened and went outside to tend to her little one. After a few minutes of cuddling, mommy kisses, and super hero band-aids, Caiden remarkably recovered and went back to playing outside. ‘Today’s going to be a long day’ thought Cheryl as she watch her two boys play outside.

Caiden by tugscarebear

Sketch by Myoti and coloring gus-the-hedgehog


Poor baby Caiden it looks like everything did dent work out they way he have plane it.

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