Information about the new BareBum Diapers

Today BareBum lunch there website whit some photos and information about there new abdl diaper that is going to have the name Baby Blocks.


Product Information

BareBum Diapers is proud to announce its new ABDL design “Baby Blocks”. These diapers are not only modeled after vintage baby diapers and reflect an All Over design (not just across the landing zone), but they were created with both AB and DL individuals in mind.


  • New blue core TAISAP absorbent technology, which absorbs liquid a hundred times its own weight with speed technology and absorption volume under pressure.
  • Can hold 4000ml max capacity
  • Imported high quality Fluff
  • Soft plastic outer covering that offers durability and discreet wearing in public
  • Soft yet strong tape landing zone that wont tear and allows tapes to be refastened multiple times
  • Superior solvent resistance tapes (two each side) reinforced for a secure fit and refastening capabilities. Tapes are 4cm, wider than most diapers on the market, which allows for a more secure fit
  • Leg Leak Guard for extra protection and comfort
  • Two-Sided waistband, front and back, for a more comfortable fit
  • Vintage style design that you can rock in public or in the privacy of your crib

While the exterior is a soft plastic that won’t irritate your skin, the diaper itself is thick enough for high absorbency but thin enough to be discreet out in public.

MEDIUM: fits waist/hip 30″ to 44″
LARGE: fits waist/hip 40″ to 56″

This information is copy from there product information page and the photos comes from BareBum website.

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