You have a adorable crinkle butt!

You have a adorable crinkle butt!                       ***Things that happen in school!***

The teacher was handing strawberry juice to all the cubs in the classroom, and in that row was Sammy, Remi and Jim!
And it seems that Jim’s crinkle diaper butt was too irresistible for little Remi!

Then he decided to give him a big hug and said: “You have a adorable crinkle butt!”

While Sammy said: “Oh brother!”

Jim: Jimfox1985

Lineart by: Victor/colors by: nelson88


So cute look like Remi have found a diaper butt to love. Only hope that Jim dont accidentally messy his diaper now when you have your nose so close to it.

I really love the cute expression that Jim have in his face. It is so cute It is so cute that he dont know what to do in this sort of situation.


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