Comic strip: A Foxy Summer

A Foxy Summer

A few comic strips I made for the Finnish children’s magazine “Koululainen”.

Translations and explanations:

Strip 1:
– Midsummer’s bonfires are a bit too intense for my taste…
– … but here’s a Midsummer’s tree!

Midsummer is a pretty big celebration here in Finland (almost as big as Christmas), and traditionally people put up huge bonfires to celebrate it. So I thought it would be funny and cute to celebrate it with a decorated tree as well. :P

Strip 2:
– Wanna have a sip mr. mosquito?
– OUCH! I mean mrs. mosquito!

I just recently realised it would’ve been a lot funnier without the last speechbubble! The joke was that it’s actually a female mosquito cos’ only female mosquitos bite. :v

Strip 3:
– On a hot day like this, I could use a glass of water!

Pretty self-explanatory, he got what he wanted! :P

Another generic fox character © ReXam-1
Art © ReXam-1

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What a nice comic strip.

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