The Snuggers S.Ex


The Snuggers S.Ex line is whatever you want it to be. S.Ex stands for Scene Extender and that is exactly its’ goal. Use as a Dom on your Sub. Put them in a diaper for long term bondage, casting, sleep sacks or whatever your imagination can come up with. When S.Ex is involved you can always count on a long eventful and enjoyable time.


S.Ex is made from a super strong yet incredibly soft and smooth plastic. This diaper can absorb over 135 oz (4,000 ml) surpassing almost everything else out there on the market. This diaper is thick so your Sub will always remember it is there. We include standing leak guards and leg cuffs to add to its already snug and comfortable fit so there is no excuse to use a safe word on account of the diaper.sex1

The product can be found here:

Sounds like some very special diaper :)

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