Babyfur Comic: There’s still a little cub inside in all of us!

Babyfur Comic: There's still a little cub inside in all of us!***Despite being an adult,  deep inside him,he’s still a little pup!***

Matt is home alone for a few days!The twins are staying with grandpa Richard and the boss is on a business trip!
The first thing Matt did was go straight to the bathroom and take a good shower!Finished his bath, he took between his paws baby powder and started playing like a little pup… making clouds of dust!

“Yay!”shouted a excited Matt…like a pup!

Later he took his inseparable companion for many years during his childhood, his old plushie!

Matt:”How are you,old pal!You miss me?I’ll still  love you!”

And he went to bed, wearing his diaper and  hugging his beloved plushie…like the unforgettable old times !^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes i agree. We maybe grow up but we still have the little cub part of our self hiding deep inside our body.

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