It’s Super Diaper Puppy! (Gift Art)

It's Super Diaper Puppy! (Gift Art)look! up in the sky! it’s a bird! it’s a plane! it’s… what’s that smell? it’s Super Diaper Puppy! this diapered crusader is protecting all babies from the evil potty monster, changing stinky babies in no time flat, and making sure that no bum ever goes unpadded. when the city’s in peril, or when a diaper needs changing, the diaper signal is flashed in the sky, and Super Diaper Puppy comes to the rescue! ^^

a super hero‘s work is never over, just make sure you don’t call him during naptime, or when he’s having his diaper changed.

Crunch © to poochyena
Poochyena © to Pokémon

Draw by zanten94


This super hero pup is going to have allot of things to do if he should protect every bum from the evil potty monster.

Sounds almost like a beginning to a good diaper commercial :)

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