Mommys Baby-Tommy Chapter 2: I ackowledge liking being a baby

She sat me down on the sofa in the livingroom and wiped my teary cheek.

But I still could’t look her in the eyes.
How could I have joined in, in this creation?
I was now Mommys Baby-Tommy!

We must have both wanted it, but then again both of us equally surprised by the outcome.
To Mom, it seemed as if teenager-Tom was “finally” gone. I was now her real baby again.

I had to admit that Baby-Tommy would in a way be easier for her to handle than the rebelling teen. Despite all the babying me…

– Good baby, she said. Sit here til Mommy comes back with your baby-toys.

I wasn’t sure at first if I was up for just that, but being found out, I complied, and suckeled my pacifier even harder.

She put a blanket around me and left the room. Soon I heard her rumbeling in the attic.

My old playing-carpet was brought down and laid out i the middle the livingroom. Then my old playpen was set on it, and wooden blocks and Duplo-lego was emptied in piles, in arms reach of it.

This struck a nerve of some kind.
I wanted to play. The colorful carpet with roads to play with, the wooden blocks, the lego. It all set me years back.

Mommy could see it.
– I knew you would like it, she said. Do you wanna play?

I nodded, and so she lifted me up by the armpits and dropped me down in the playpen.
– Can you be a good baby for Mommy and stay in your playpen till mommy comes back. I have some erands to run. It wont take long.

She gave me a baby-bottle of mango-smoothie, but I was too occupied, already deep into redescovering my old toys.
As Mommy left I was building a city of block-towers and lego-cars.

I had a blast, and forgot all about time. So when mom came back it seemed she left just minutes ago.
– I bought you some more diapers and plastic pants.

I felt embarrased. The teenager within didn’t like it.
But I kept on playing.

– Are you wet?

I shook my head.

– let me check on you.

She lifted me out of the play-pen, laid me down on the floor, unbuttoned the crotch of the sleeper, and then just stuck two fingers inside the legholes of the plasticpants and into the diaper.

She sermed surprised
– Oh, nice and dry?
She paused a little..
– Baby should not hold back. Not healthy for babys tummy. Use your diddies!

Then she made sure the plastic pants were a tight fit around the legs, and then she buttoned the sleeper again.
– We should have some lunch.
She took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen.

My bulky diaper made me waddle like a duck, and again rubbing my growing junior.
I loved it.
She helped me up on a chair as if I couldn’t do it myself. I was squirming and couldn’t sit still, so she pushed my chair tightly against the table. Then she tied a bib around my neck. I was still rocking back an forth in my seat to keep the enjoyable rubbing going.

Mommy laughed.
– You squirm in your seat just like when you were toilet training. There is no need for that now you know..

But I wasn’t listening.
I was preocupied jolting back and forth and about to come in my diaper.

Mommy shook her head and turned to the counter, where she emptied two jars of apricot babyfood in a boal.

When she came back to me I was plasure-humming quietly, ready to shoot my big-boy load, but since she turned towards me, I held it although I couldn’t sit still.

Mommy stroke my cheek with her hand and put the boal in front of me. And in a babyvoice she said
– now if mommy is going to feed you, you have to sit still.
So go ahead and wet your didies for mommy. Mommy can change you after we’ve eaten.

And as she said the words I shot my big boy juices in my diaper. I sighed behind my pacifier, and started slowing down my rocking to a halt.

– That was nice, wasn’t it?

I was glad she thought I just wet my diaper.

Mommy ruffeled my hair, and more confirmed than asked.
-ready for som baby-food?

She sat down beside me, took out my pacifier, and started feeding me with a spoon.
It was marvelous. It tasted like the best desert. Fruity and sweet, and I was being babied.
Mommy kept talking and I just enjoyed it.

When mommy was done feeding me, and I was about to waddle out of the kitchen, she stopped me.
– It doesn’t look like it is sagging very much.
Then she squeezed the front of my diaper, the croch and poked the seat of my diaper.
– I think this can hold another wetting. You go and play while I grab som food myself.

She paused and got the pacifier from the table.
– Open up.

I did, and so she popped it in, patted my diaperd bottm and told me
– Off you go

I was a happy baby, waddeling my way to the livingroom.
But as I reached the playpen, I felt mommy behind me, lifting me up by the armpits, and then placing me in the playpen again.

We both giggeled.
Then she left the room.

I was back to building and playing, emptied my bottle, and had a ball. A small city was forming inside the playpen.
I could hear that mommy was back on the sowingmashine when I stopped playing.
I had been holding it for a while, and the need to go was interupting my playing. So I decided to do as babies do, and let go of the pressure. I couldn’t at first, but then the warmth spread throughout my diaper. It was warm and wonderful.
I felt like such a baby and loved it.
I grew hard again, laid back an rubbed my diaper to an even stronger climax.
I hadn’t noticed the sowingmashine stopping, nor mommy entering the room.
She was just standing there, waching with an intiguing grin when I opened my eyes.

– Don’t mind me, I was just chekking if you were ok.. It seems you are.
She was almost giggeling.
– Just make yourself comfertible..
Then she turned and left the room.

Suddenly I was the teen again.
Appalled and ashamed by my own actions.
Mastubating in a diaper in front of mom.
I wanted it off. All the babygear.
But she would still know me as the, to me now, disgusting teen Baby-Tommy.
For some reason I turned to my teddybear for comfort.
From there, it didn’t take long before I was back to humping my diaper.
I forgot all about teen-Tom, and soon I felt number two wanting out. It was turning me on.
I was baby-Tommy and wanting to feel even smaller, like a baby in his soiled diapers.
I got up on my feet, but croucing as I remember when I was making a dump while outside hiking.
I pushed.
And it was started. With a steady pace I could feel it making its way out. It was wonderful.
With one hand on my diapered bottom I felt the lump growing in my diaper from the outside too.
I felt so naugthy. So guity. But at the time so free of guilt and responibility as I was such a baby.
I wanted more, and how it felt, sitting down with a loaded diaper, and so I did. The goo spread, but I could still feel the lump parting my buttcheeks. Sort if nice and grose at the same time. Then the smell hit..
And then mommy entered the room again.

– That a baby!
She paused..
– Yes, and that actually both looks and smells like a little baby.
Again I was mortified, but mom didn’t seem to meen it in a bad way.
She came over and ruffeled my hair and stroke my cheek.
– Is it nice to feel like a real baby, she asked.
And to my surprice, I nodded confirmingly.

She lifted me up and carried me over to the sofa. Then she sat me down on her lap, held her arms tightly around me an rocked me gently to an old lullaby.

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