Good news about Crinklz

I have some good news about the Crinklz. I have found out that they going to be sell in two stores here in Europe. The store that i have found that is going to sell them is and They seems to be available around 15 may and they going to have the same functions like the original Comficare. The only thing that is going to be different is the print on the diaper and the package design.

Description about the Crinklz

Crinklz are ComfiCare Slip Diapers with a cute 7 color print, suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence and night care.
Because Crinklz Briefs are designed to prevent leakage, it is not very discrete. Please keep this in mind when discretion is important to you. Crinklz diapers are cut out a bit smaller, so please measure and compare the sizes in the chart.

Main features:

  •     PE outer with 7 color cartoon print
  •     resealable adhesive strips
  •     tape area on the front for easy opening and reclosing
  •     discrete blue imprint on the tape zone
  •     ComfiStretch elastic waistband at the front and rear
  •     discrete yellow natheidsindicator
  •     elastics in high standing puncture edges
  •     protection against odors
  •     latex free

The info have i copy from product page about the Crinklz where you also can found some good photos on the product.

Cinrklz also have a official website that is going to be lunch when the resellers received their deliveries

The website look weary cute.

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