ABDLcast | A podcast for adults that just like diapers

This is a blog post dedicated to the ABDLcast.

Source: https://abdlcast.wordpress.com/

It is a podcast for adults who just like diapers :)

So far 9 episode have been released in this podcast and this is the topics they have talk about so far.

  1. For Adults Who Just Like Diapers.
  2. Why Are These Diapers Green?
  3. Plastic Backed Socks.
  4. Modifying Diapers For ABDL’s.
  5. Diaper Dreams.
  6. Talking About Diapers And ABDL.
  7. I Want To Wear Diapers Too.
  8. Diaper On Diaper Off: ABDL Binge And Purge Cycle.
  9. Are Plushies An Adult Baby’s Favorite Thing Other Than Diapers?

This is the topics so far that they have talk about and if you wont to follow this podcast or listen to episodes you can find them here: https://abdlcast.wordpress.com/

This is a good podcast for adults baby and My ABDL Life recommend that you listening to it.

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