The First Of Many

The First Of Manyafter Billy fed Crunch his bedtime bottle and Mommy read the two pups a story, it was time to go to bed. Crunch of course fell fast asleep the second Mommy popped in his pacifier and placed Pikachu in his arms. within a few minutes, Billy could hear a soft hissing coming from Crunch’s diaper and he knew that Crunch had just wet the bed. Billy of course knew that the one diaper Mommy changed Crunch into wouldn’t be enough, so Billy knew exactly what he had to do.

Billy retrieved a pack of diapers from thr changing table and began to unfold oneand slipped Crunch’s tail through the tail hole and poked a bunch of holes in his current diaper, and taped it on snuggly for him while he nuked his pacifier sleeping.

Billy of course thought it’d be safe to put the whole package of diapers on Crunch all at once! fortunately Crunch, Mommy, and Daddy don’t mind because Crunch loves diapers, and Mommy and Daddy always have a few extra cases lying around the house, just to be safe.

Billy: diegesis

Crunch and text: poochyena


What a nice friend Crunch have that make sure that Crunch have enough protection that can handle his many night time accidents.

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