Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers

swimmates-einweg-schwimm-windeln-jugend-teenager-erwachsenen--228x228Swimmates are the first disposable swim briefs especially for bowel containment. Designed to be worn discretely underneath a regular swimwear then torn away and disposed of after swimming. Swimmates won’t swell up from the pool water, they don’t come apart and are Latex-free. Feel confident, enjoy the water, and experience the advantages of buoyant exercise without the worry of embarrassment. It has inner leg cuffs designed to secure bowel incontinence, Blue rear waist elastic moisture barrier and full-rise waist panel for a perfect fit making it easy to pull up and down.

With a wide range of sizes to fit youth, teen and adult swimmers.
Made in USA.
S = 56-91cm(22-36″), 36-57kg(80-125lbs), 22 Pack.
M = 86-122cm(34-48″), 54-79kg(120-175lbs), 20 Pack.
L = 112-137cm(44-54″), 77-95kg(170-210lbs), 18 Pack.
XL = 122-168cm(48-66″), 95-113kg(210-250lbs), 14 Pack.
XXL = 157-203cm(62-80″), 113+ kg(250+ lbs), 12 Pack.
Tranquility Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers can you order from and the price is 40.

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