DryCare ConfiDry 24/7 Briefs Plastic Backed


ConfiDry 24/7 is designed for over 12 hours of maximum protection, undisturbed full nights of rest & carefree relaxation! The dependable leak control and 3-D Core Absorbancy System keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry with a capacity of 2-3 liters. Comfidry with exceptionally strong and durable construction has a plastic waterproof outer layer, refastenable tabs, odor control, soft lining and is discreet to wear which gives a feeling of Confidence.

S = Width 63cm (25″), Length 79cm (31″), Waist 53-79cm (21-31″)
M = Width 74cm (29″), Length 89cm (35″), Waist 81-107cm (32-42″)
L = Width 81cm (32″), Length 99cm (39″), Waist 109-165cm(43-65″)
Is available at ABDL Factory from 39.50 EUR depends on what size you need.

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