Babyfur Comic: CM Tsukai’s Machine

CM Tsukai's MachinePoor Tsukai stumbles across an abandoned room with some robot hands and a peculiar machine. Out of nowhere, the hands re-activate and grab the small filly and place her into the machine. She undergoes diapering and babying while being placed in a Wolf Link onesie. Following that, Tsukai is placed in a crib along with a Midna doll. The babied pony finds herself in a snug position, so she decides to go along with it with a good nap.

Tsukai © nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by: ArtieCanvas


aww it looks like Tsukai acept this at the end and decide that it is time for a nice nap after all. Sweet dreams.

I really love this type of comic.

2 thoughts on “Babyfur Comic: CM Tsukai’s Machine

  1. When machine start grab tsukais thought machine attack then realize they are not attacking and give diaper tsukais start accepting then wondering where am I going to oh crib recently give up pacifier return to tsukais is glad to be baby sleep in crib

  2. I wish that there were more of these kind cf comics. This one is absolutly adorable, and I love ponies, and machines, and diapers. It is a litteral WIN-WIN-WIN. :) It also has goofy, cartoon expressions which bring a smile and calmness when the baby pony is finally relaxed. Sweet dreams my little foal :)

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