I told you I was clean! *blushes*

I told you I was clean! *blushes*Heya everyone it seems the little jolf needed a diaper check even though he said he didn’t need one humph grown ups *pouts crossing my arms blushing*

Jolf and text: anu_skyrise_jackal

Draw by: Zanten94

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16146074/

Aww poor Jolf he look so cute when he is blushing but even if he say that he is all clean and dry the parents or caretaker wont to make sure that he is telling the truth. They dont wont to end up whit a leaking diaper to change but for now he seems to be all clean and dry.

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1 thought on “I told you I was clean! *blushes*”

  1. This cub must have memorize all good tips and do on their own cause other worry less than normal cub who have grander memory will be able do on their own like change diaper on themselves parent need to stay with cub to catch them do on themselves

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