Cub,baby powder

Cub,baby powderA commercial advertisement, which I imagine was paid by the boss, which promotes baby powders!
And the baby model used here is the ever adorable little Foxy!

Linearts by Victor/colors and story by nelson88

Looks like Foxys mother have decide to put here son in another commercial advertisement and this time it is for some new baby powder and this time he is allow to have his Pikachu plush to snuggle whit during the shooting of this new ads.

Together whit this new baby powder formula that is special developed to help protect the cubs skin around and inside the diaper. Thats even make them special calm during nap time and together whit the cubs special plushy it is almost 100% sure that the cub is going to sleep in the next 30 minutes.

This is really some powerful new baby powder. And like all cubs they can fall asleep in all kind of positions.

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