Changing time

Changing time
Looks like someone needs his diaper change :3 Rezio is a bit shy and squirmy, so he got mittened and strapped to the changing table, so he is all safe and cozy while Tupi puts on a fresh diapy on his butt :3

Draw and text by: KaaLover


Docent look like Rezio wont to have a new diaper or maybe he think that he dont need one. Good thing that he have a nice friend like Tupi that can help Rezio get his fluffy thick diaper when he dont know what is best for him.

He look so cute when he is bonded on the changing table whit the thick diaper expose like that. It really make him look like a cute little baby.

He need to learn to relax it is no other way he is going to be diapered which he wants to or not.

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